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  • A new workshop gives students the opportunity to explore the way innovators and entrepreneurs think.

President's Letter

  • Lewis & Clark students excel at what they know and what they do. But sometimes, like any of us, they need a nudge to explore things outside their comfort zones, outside their usual areas of achievement. That push is a vital part of the educational experience we provide, and it’s something we should talk about more often.

Alumni News


  • To our north is one of the Earth’s last wild places: the Canadian boreal forest. At 2.2 million square miles—nearly 60 percent the size of the United States—it’s one of the planet’s richest habitats.
  • Patrick Fleming B.S. ’92, Brannon Riceci B.S. ’92, and Tim Parsons B.A. ’91 create interesting one-bowl meals with exotic flavors at Boke Bowl.
  • Ken Westin B.A. ’99 developed technology that allows laptop and smartphone users to track their devices and capture photos of thieves.
  • Strolling through the streets and gardens of Tokyo, Chico Hayasaki stops to notice the silhouettes of flowering trees and a pink-orange cloud floating above the setting sun.


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