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Information Technology

Critical Pedagogy in the Digital Humanities

Date: August 14, 2014 - August 16, 2014 Location: Smith Hall and JR Howard

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Smith Hall and JR Howard

Many argue digital humanities is about building stuff and sharing stuff, reframing the work we do in the humanities as less consumptive and more curatorial—less solitary and more collaborative. But the humanities have always been intensely social, a vibrant ecosystem of shared, reworked, and retold stories. It’s time to think further about how technology can be used to build learning communities within the classroom, while also thinking about ways we can connect our students to a much larger global classroom.

This workshop will explore methods and approaches for using technology to teach the humanities. We’ll start at the level of the syllabus, thinking about how we organize and structure hybrid courses and course activities, before delving into specific tools and critical orientations to technology. Participants are asked to bring at least one sample assignment or syllabus, which will be used as the basis for much of the work we do as the course progresses. We recommend you bring your own computer, but can accommodate those who can’t. By the course’s conclusion, participants should leave with (at a minimum) an assignment or syllabus that better meets their own expectations of digital pedagogy in the humanities.

Visit the website for a detailed agenda and registration information.  Lewis & Clark faculty will receive a $75/day stipend for their participation.

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Miranda Carney-Morris
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