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March 18th, 2015

March 20th, 2015

  • Image preview 3:30pm - 5:00pm: Moral Disagreement and the Importance of Meta-Ethics by Joel Martinez (Lewis & Clark College)
    According to moral cognitivists, moral judgments express beliefs and are, thus, truth-apt.  According to moral non-cognitivists, moral judgments do not express beliefs and, thus, are not truth-apt.  Instead, when one makes a moral judgment, one expresses an attitude that is more like an approval or dis-approval.   One common argument for moral non-cognitivism relies on the phenomenon of moral disagreement.   In this paper, I trace the history of the non-cognitivist argument from moral disagreement.  I also raise objections to this argument.   I argue that the non-cognitivist’s explanation of moral disagreement fails to explain how some moral disagreements are genuine disagreements.  Further, I argue that the cognitivist has the resources for a better explanation of moral disagreement than the non-cognitivist.  Since I do not claim to offer a decisive defense of cognitivism, I then consider what evidence would help us make progress in this debate.  I argue that recent, empirically minded philosophers mis-characterize the role that the natural and social sciences should play in solving this and other problems in meta-ethics.   Instead, Philosophy plays a distinctive role in solving meta-ethical disputes and cannot simply rely on the results of the sciences.

April 4th, 2015

  • Image preview All Day: Pedal Pursuit
    Bike, compete, & celebrate for a good cause! Play Pedal Pursuit, a bike trivia scavenger hunt, on April 4, 2015 to raise support for NEDC.

April 10th, 2015

April 17th, 2015

April 24th, 2015

April 25th, 2015

April 29th, 2015

  • 7:00pm: Senior Poetry Reading
    Please join us as the 2014-2015 Lewis & Clark College Writer’s Series concludes with readings of original works of poetry by senior students from Mary Szybist’s Advanced Poetry Writing course.  Refreshments will be provided.  We look forward to seeing you there!



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