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Blogs by the Lewis & Clark Community

We’re smart, we’re passionate, we’re opinionated. So below you’ll find a collection of the voices among us. This is just a sampling of the diverse thinking you’ll find anywhere the Lewis & Clark community gathers.

  Student Blogs

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    Real Life is an online journal where undergraduate students blog about what it’s like to live, breathe, and study at Lewis & Clark. The Admissions Office has sponsored this journal since 2003. Go

  • law-blogL&C Law School Snapshots tells the tale of students with different backgrounds, interests and observations. They blog about their unique law school experiences. Go

  • imageThe Office of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs hosts this blog as a resource to provide information and advice for students from students. Go

  • Courtesy of The California League of Women Voters

    The Lewis & Clark Politics blog is a forum for politically interested Lewis & Clark students to ask serious questions about the 2012 presidential election (and politics more generally). Go

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