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For 2014-15 Lewis & Clark, in partnership with USI Northwest, has selected Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon to be administrators of the Student Health Insurance Plan.  Please visit the Regence website through the link below for complete information on benefits and enrollment for  graduate students and dependents.

Aetna will continue to administer the student health insurance plan for the remainder of 2013-14.  Please visit the Aetna Student Health website through the link below for complete information on benefits.  

NOTE: Students do not need to enroll in the school-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan to access services at the Student Health Service. Many services at the Student Health Service are provided at no charge to students.


REGENCE BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD OF OREGON (Waiver and sign ups will start in July) - GROUP #65001900 - New Dedicated Customer Service Team Phone Number - 1-888-526-9622

UNDERGRADUATE AND LAW STUDENTS: Lewis & Clark College requires that all degree seeking and visiting, Undergraduate and Law students have medical insurance coverage comparable to that offered through the school’s comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan.  For more information on the rationale behind this requirement click here.  Students enrolled in the Academic English Studies program and those participating in domestic programs to New York City and Washington DC, are also held to this insurance requirement. Students are afforded one opportunity in each academic year to waive the school’s coverage and must waive each year.

The premium for the school’s insurance is charged in two installments, one for the Fall term and one for the Spring term. If students do not submit an annual health insurance waiver online with Regence, they will be automatically enrolled in coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan, for the academic year.  For eligible students, information regarding the submission of the online insurance waiver, and the associated deadline, will accompany the first billing statement of the semester. The Fall 2014 waiver will be available on July 3rd, with a Sept 16, 2014 deadline.  (Note:  Under special circumstances, students enrolled for the fall may decline spring coverage.  See Declining Coverage for more information.)  Any questions about who is eligible to submit an insurance waiver may be directed to Student and Departmental Account Services at 503-768-7829 or

2013-14 Undergraduate and Law Student Summary of Benefits

2014-15 Undergraduate and Law Student Summary of Benefits

If you waive the school’s coverage, and subsequently lose your private insurance coverage, you are required to immediately enroll in health insurance that is comparable to the College’s Student Health Insurance Plan. In these circumstances, you may choose to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.  Please contact Student and Departmental Account Services to rescind your waiver and enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan is voluntary for Graduate students throughout the academic year. Enrollment must be completed online with Regence each semester. For information about benefits and coverage see the Graduate Student Summary of Benefits below.  PLEASE NOTE THAT BECAUSE OF TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THE 2014-15 ENROLLMENT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 1st.

2013-14 Graduate Student Summary of Benefits

2014-15 Graduate Student Summary of Benefits

The deadlines for voluntary enrollment are:  

  • 2013-14 Graduate Student Enrollment Deadline Dates:                        Summer - Group “A” - 6/5/14; Group “B” - 7/16/14; Group “C” - 8/21/13.
  •  2014-15 Graduate Student Enrollment Deadline Dates: Fall Semester - 10/1/14;  Spring Semester - 2/1/15;  Summer - Group “A” - 6/11/15; Group “B” - 7/15/15; Group “C” - 8/20/15.

SUMMER 2014 ENROLLMENT:  Enrolling in summer semester insurance coverage is voluntary for all Graduate students. Enroll directly with Aetna.

Please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” below for more information about the Student Health Insurance plan. Additional help with insurance questions also can be found by calling Patricia Wylie at USI Northwest (503-295-6357), Moira Domann in the Business Office (503-768-7878), or  Student and Departmental Accounts Services (503-768-7824). 

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