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Admissions Question: January 5

January 05, 2014

Q: What applications or forms must be filled out for financial aid and/or scholarship consideration?

A: At Lewis & Clark Law School, the FAFSA is the only form that needs to be filled out for federal financial aid. Ideally, the FAFSA will be submitted before March 1st if applying for Fall of the coming year, though you can submit the FAFSA after this date if necessary.

As for scholarships at Lewis & Clark, your application to law school is what will determine your eligibility and competitiveness for them.  There’s a section on the law
school application itself that asks you to indicate if you’re interested in being considered for a merit-based scholarship. Checking “yes” is all you need to do to be considered and the committee will determine your merit compared to the rest of the applicant pool.  You can submit a separate statement if you wish highlighting your specific qualifications for scholarships, but note that this is optional and is most helpful if you’re providing any additional or new info that is not already in your application. 

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