Student Employment

The majority of student positions On-Campus are open only to students who have either a Federal work-study (FWS) award or a Lewis & Clark work-study (LCWS) award as a part of their annual financial aid award. However, some positions On-Campus do not require work-study eligibility, and this is indicated on each individual position posting.  

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Student Job Resources
Off-Campus Employers
  • Full-Time Jobs and/or Internships
    If you would like to post full-time job announcements and/or internship opportunities, please visit the Career Services Employers page.
  • Part-time Jobs

    Part-time positions that have a career-development focus and allow students to gain skills applicable to a post-graduate career may be posted on Handshake. For efficiency, safety, and liability, the college no longer facilitates the sharing of part-time jobs that do not include a career-development focus.

    As a courtesy, please consult a list of potential job posting sites for part-time jobs.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions!