Benefits changes

In order to makes changes to your benefits you must have experienced a qualifying life event (QLE). If you’ve had a QLE you can make benefit changes that correspond with the type of life event you are experiencing. Otherwise, the health and welfare elections you make for the entire benefit year (April 1 through March 31) generally cannot be changed outside of our annual open enrollment which occurs in the later half of February each year.

Below is a list of qualifying life events and the corresponding submission deadlines and required documentation.

** Please Note: Qualifying life events are regulated by both the IRS and our benefit vendor contracts. Changes submitted outside of the noted timelines will be denied and you will have to wait until another qualifying life event occurs or until open enrollment to make changes.**


Event Type

Submission Deadline

Supporting Documentation include with your submission

Change Life Insurance Beneficiary


Not Required

Dependent Care FSA Change

Within 30 days

Documentation that shows a change in cost of dependent care

Dependent Change

(Birth / Adoption / Guardianship)

Within 30 days

Birth certificate, or

Hospital record with date of birth, or

Adoption/Guardianship court decree

Divorce or Legal separation

Within 30 days of court stamp on legal documentation

Divorce decree, or

Court ruling for annulment, or

Court order verifying legal separation

Gain Outside Coverage

(employee or dependents)

Within 30 days

Document from benefit vendor or employer that shows start date of new enrollment. 

Lose Outside Coverage

(employee or dependents)

Within 30 days

Document from benefit vendor or employer that shows end date of enrollment. 

Marriage / Domestic Partnership

Within 30 days

Affidavit of Marriage/Domestic Partnership 

Optional Insurance


Voluntary benefit change request submitted via Workday

Retirement Savings Change


Not Required


** Please Note: Benefit changes must be consistent with your event. For example:

  • If you have a baby, you may add the baby to your medical coverage. You cannot, however, drop dental coverage for other family members at this time.
  • If your partner has a gain outside coverage event, you can remove them from your medical insurance but you cannot change the plan you are enrolled in.**


Changing your benefits due to a qualifying event is a quick three step process in Workday:

Step One (Employee):
  1. In the Workday search bar enter “Change Benefits”

  2. Select the “Change Benefits” task

  3. Select the correct Benefit Event Type for your situation

  4. Click the calendar icon to enter the date of the Benefit Event Date when the change occurred

  5. Attach required documents as noted above

  6. Click Submit > Done.

Step Two (HR Benefits):
  1. Your request will be routed to the Benefits Partner for review. After the Benefit Partner has approved your request, you will receive notification to go into Workday to complete your Benefit Change.

Step Three (Employee):
  1. Navigate to your Workday Inbox

  2. Click the Benefit Change task

  3. Continue through all required screens, waiving/electing the benefit plan, coverage level, and removing/adding dependents to match your elections.

  4. Check the I Agree box to provide an electronic signature confirming your changes.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Click Done to complete the task or Print to launch a printable version of the summary for your records.

 ** Please note: Medical and dental deductions are paid in advance. For example, your August payroll covers your September enrollment. In the case that your qualifying event has occurred after the regular deduction schedule, you will see retroactive deductions added to your next paycheck. There are no pro-rated months, the full amount is charged even if enrollment begins in the middle of the month. 

In the case that Lewis & Clark benefit coverage has ended, you and your dependents may be eligible for COBRA coverage.