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Human Resources

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October 26th, 2020

October 28th, 2020

Supervisor Timeline

  • LCCSSA & Teamster (Support Staff) Evaluations due by January 10th of each year.
  • Exempt & OEE (Exempt Staff) Evaluations due by July 31st of each year
  • New Employee introductory Evaluation due 90 days after start date.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Refresher Training - Annual, each spring
  • Union Increase - June 1
  • Exempt Increase - September 1
  • NEO (New Employee Orientation) Every other month on the third Tuesday.
  • Exempt sick added September 1
  • Exempt vacation modified September 1
  • Holiday Schedule
  • General Payroll to be approved by 17th of month
  • Student Payroll to be approved by supervisors by 3rd of month.

Human Resources

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    Human Resources is located in Lower McAfee on the Undergraduate Campus.


    voice 503-768-6235 fax 503-768-6233

    Associate Vice President of Human ResourcesHeyke Kirkendall-Baker

    Human Resources

    • Human Resources Lewis & Clark 615 S. Palatine Hill Road
      MSC 72 Portland OR 97219