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Human Resources

Leadership Development

Supervisors and Managers, take advantage of the leadership development opportunities on campus and around Portland in 2014/2015. 

Here are a few upcoming events:

Willamette Valley Higher Education Human Resources (WVHEHR) Management Development Seminars

Every year we offer a series of management development classes including communication skills, managing stress, diversity and inclusion and an overview of key laws and regulations. Human Resources along with the Executive Team will select supervisors to attend this program and sponsor the supervisor’s attendance.  If you’re interested in registering for one of these sessions please contact Human Resources at for more information. 

Communication & Problem Solving- presented by Lenny Borer

Different communication styles have different effects on people.  Some approaches tend to aggravate situations into problems while other styles foster open discussion and lead to solutions.  Our tendency is to use the styles we’re most familiar with, whether or not they fit the situation.  This class includes the DISC assessment.

Two all day sessions from 9:00-4:00 p.m. will be offered in the Fall of 2014.  More information to follow.

Keeping Your Cool Under Stress- presented by Robin Rose

By gaining a deeper knowledge of how our brains work, we are empowered to think more clearly and communicate more effectively.  Learn how to stay calm, professional, and effective - especially during high-stress situations.  Understanding exactly what happens, chemically and physiologically, when we get stressed allows us to override the fight or flight response, shift from reactive impulses into more effective responses, and stay respectful, productive, and professional.

This one day session will be offered in the Fall of 2014.  More information to follow.

Effective Supervisory Practices- Session 4 by Stoel Rives LLP Attorneys at Law

This session is a practical overview of key employment issues and tools for college and university employee supervisors/managers.  The focus of this interactive training is on employee hiring, wage and hour basics, tips for effective performance management of staff and faculty, legal updates on discrimination, harassment and retaliation theories, step-by-step processes for handling disability accommodation and leave issues, and ways to minimize institutional risk in employee terminations.

This one day session will be offered in the Fall of 2014.  More information to follow.

United by Differences- Session 5 by Lou Radja

In today’s smaller, flatter, and multicultural world, it is imperative that we fully grasp and understand diversity.  Colleges, universities and even high schools all over the world recognize the value of preparing global citizens who can lead in a diverse world, who are culturally competent, and will capitalize on the opportunities diversity brings.  To embrace and value the diversity our world has to offer, we must first embrace and value it in ourselves.  Diversity starts with me!  United by Differences is a comprehensive, fun, and transformational presentation that will help academic leaders become culturally competent global citizens.  Because learning is a two way street.  The presentation is in an interactive style to encourage open dialogue and discussion on cultural and interpersonal differences without being judged.

This one day session will be offered in the Fall of 2014.  More information to follow.

Stay Tuned

In 2014/2015 we’ll also be having classes for supervisors on Workday, Budgeting, Labor Relations, Supervisor Overview & Update and more!


Contact with questions or for further information.