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Buying Books

Here are a few tips on how to buy books for your classes. Remember that the school bookstore is not your only option when it comes to purchasing course material.

Websites (with inexpensive new/used books): (items can be returned, however policies vary by company and provider). (Lists different websites for buying books)


Lewis & Clark Bookstore -they do offer used books, just look for the “used book” label. If you decide to drop a class you can return a book within 2 weeks to get your money back (keep your receipt!).

Powell’s Bookstore - to order online or check locations nearest you.

Other Options:

Another option is to borrow the books from the Watzek Library on campus. You can borrow books for six weeks and renew them a few times (unless someone has your book on hold, therefore this is a risky option). The advantage with borrowing a book first is that you can check with the professor on whether he or she requires a certain edition can be cheaper.  Then you can debate whether you want to purchase the book.

Buy/Borrow a book from a friend: This is always a good option. You’re not only getting the book you want but you’re doing your friends a favor buying from them. Ask around and find out who has taken you course in the past.

Book Rental:

Lastly we recommend renting books. You can rent a book for a very low price and then return it after your semester is over. If you drop a class, you can return your books for a full refund.  You can rent books at the Lewis & Clark Bookstore, or on one of the websites below.

Tips and Additional Information:

- Use the ISBN Number of a book to find it, that will ensure that you have the exact edition and publisher your professor requires.

- Instead of buying a hardcover book, purchase Paperback which can save you lots of money.

- Some professors don’t mind if you purchase an older edition of a text books, saving you money.

Selling Books

If you are not interested in keeping your books after you are done with your classes, there are various options to consider of how to sell them.


The Lewis & Clark Bookstore will buy back your books during the last few days of classes each semester.


You can open up an account of the websites listed above (see Buying Books) and sell your books to other people.

Other Options:

You can also sell your books to Powell’s Bookstore.