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Third Culture Kids / Global Nomads


History and Goals:

The TCK board was first created in the Fall of 2001. The board meets once a week, and the members serve as advisors who generate ideas and plans that the TCK intern will then set in motion. The board’s main goal is to promote events and advise the TCK intern on projects that they feel will be most effective and support the cause of the TCK group.

Get Involved:

If you are interested in being a member, please e-mail the TCK Intern, Nick Ryan at or come to the International Students and Scholars office located on the 3rd floor of Templeton, above the student government offices!

TCK Board Members 2016-2017

Nick Ryan (’17) was born and raised in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. She is an aspiring medical illustrator with a Biochemistry major and art minor. She has a Japanese mother, an American father, and an older sister. She went to a Japanese school in Tokyo up until her move to the US for college. Her junior abroad in Loveland, Colorado motivated her to pursue higher education in America. She also is grateful to have the opportunity to have studied abroad in Berlin, Germany in Fall 2015. She is excited to serve as the leader of the TCK club, along with being the TCK/ ISS intern this academic year.


Sarah King (’17) is a Foreign Language and Literatures Major with a Minor in East Asian Studies. She was born in the United States but then moved to Belgium where she lived for 14 years. She is fluent in French and English and speaks Spanish and Japanese. She enjoys traveling to new places and making connections everywhere she goes. 








Simon Anderson (’17) is son of an American father and Japanese mother. He has lived in Sudan, Ethiopia, Italy and the Philippines however he considers home to be where the family is. Having grown up in many countries, he has friends from all over the world including countries such as India, Philippines, South Korea, Colombia, Canada and the Netherlands to name a few.  Simon is a big fan of football (soccer) and is a die-hard Liverpool fan and will wake up very early on weekends (sometimes even at 4:30am) to watch them play. This year at Lewis & Clark, Simon hopes to explore a wide range of subjects in the hopes of finding a passion in a subject area that he can major in.


Audrey Martin (’18) is a sophomore music major, planning to minor in Japanese. Her dad works for the US Navy, so they have been stationed all over. Born in Sasebo, Japan, Audrey has lived all over the United States, and spent the last five years in Naples, Italy. She has been able to travel a lot and visit lots of different countries, particularly in Europe. She has always loved traveling and has always loved music. Her goal is to become a music teacher and eventually get to teach at schools overseas so she can teach other kids growing up like her. Singing is her biggest hobby, along with reading and writing.


Gabriella Tost (’18) was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, but also lived in Italy. Her mother was born in the USA and her dad in Venezuela. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics. After graduating from Lewis and Clark, Gabriella hopes to continue her studies in Germany. She loves traveling, reading, and outdoors activities.


Clarissa Tanner (’18) spent the first few weeks of her life in Washington D.C. before being whisked off by her journalist father to Moscow, Russia. Her family has since lived in Berlin, Berkeley, Belgrade, and Boston (but the B name capitals are only a coincidence!) Clarissa is hoping to major in International Affairs and German, and return to Eastern Europe, a place whose culture and history have resonated with her and continue to captivate her interest.





Rosemary Arends (’19) is a first year student from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She spent her first couple months of life living in Ukraine, then Minnesota for about 7 years before a business venture for her father swept her family all the way to Moscow, Russia for around 3 years. Having been state-side for a couple of years now, Rosemary is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to travel abroad again. She speaks English, Spanish, and Russian. She is planning on double-majoring in Mathematics and International Affairs with a Russian minor. Rosemary spends most of her time reading world news stories, baking with her roommate, watching crime dramas, forcing her brother to send her pictures of their dog, and drinking tea.

Anna Lyubinina (’19) is a first year student planning on majoring in Psychology and Theatre. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and moved to Walnut Creek, California at the age of four. Anna is fluent in Russian and English, and speaks some Spanish and French as well. Additionally, she has a dual citizenship with Ukraine, and hopes to travel the world one day. Some of Anna’s hobbies include singing, dancing, playing the piano, and baking.




Maddy Pedersen (’19)
 is from Seattle, Washington. She lived in Denmark for three years and England for three years as well, and is a dual citizen with Denmark. She’s a first year student at Lewis & Clark College, and she plans to major in either History or English. She hopes to study abroad while a student and is looking at the Greece program. She loves to read, travel, watch movies and TV, and to pet dogs.





Mike Lewis (’19) is a sophomore who has yet to decide on a major. Born to a Texan father and Chinese mother, Mike moved to Shanghai, China at the age of two and spent the next 16 years of his life there. Now back in his hometown, Mike is eager to experience life in the U.S. He enjoys watching and playing sports, working with electronics and playing video games. Mike is fluent in English and Mandarin.




Ary Hashim (’20)
was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a Chindian mother (Chinese mixed with Indian bloodlines), an American Malaysian father, two younger brothers, and one younger sister. He was in an International School for many years and eventually moved to a British college during his formative years. His father graduated from a top US university, which prompted Ary to inherit the mantle and act as the pioneering eldest son in his pursuit of higher education through the rigorous US university curriculum. He has considered and finds it very likely that economics would be his major and is also considering theatre as a minor. Ary loves conservation work and hopes to be back in Lang Tengah island to further his efforts in preserving the heritage of endangered turtle species. 


Jesse Milman (’20) was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. At the age of seven he moved to the other side, Los Angeles, where he continued to live as a Jewish-American. At the age of 16, Jesse and his jewish/ all-American family, made the trek over to Israel where he now lives and resides, and has lived three years before enrolling at Lewis and Clark College. He is interested in anthropology and maybe economics or the environmental sciences, and is fluent in dos languages, English and Hebrew. He has traveled to various European cities, some on extended layovers, and has even been to South Africa and Mexico! Jesse is very excited to be back in the USA, and to use his new mentalities for looking-at-things. His english grammar is also no longer so good. Come say hi!


Jaweal Hakoum (’20) was born in Syria. She came to Portland, OR at the age of 13 and graduated from Davis High School. She is majoring Biochemistry and minoring in Neuroscience. She is aiming to become a Physician, where she will specialize in Neurology. She is fluent in both Arabic (formal and informal) & English. She has traveled to Turkey as well as Jordan. She enjoyed watching comedy series in her spare time.


Third Culture Kids / Global Nomads

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