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Prospect Research and Management


How Do Prospect Status and Classification Go Together?

Classification Prospect Status
Leadership Annual Fund Prospect *No Status
*Not Qualified as a Major Gift Prospect
Potential Major Gift Prospect *Needs Pre-Qualification
*Assignment Pending
*Needs Field Qualification
*Hold (only for those prospects who are unresponsive to visit requests)
Current Major Gift Prospect
Current Planned Gift Prospect
*General Cultivation
*Focused Cultivation
*Temporary Stewardship
*Permanent Stewardship
Community Contact *No Status
*Permanent Stewardship
*Not Qualified as a Major Gift Prospect
Not a Prospect *Not Qualified as a Major Gift Prospect


Leadership Annual Fund Prospect Prospects who are assigned to the Annual Fund team for leadership gift cultivation. Leadership Annual Fund prospects are individuals who have capacity to give $1,000 or more per year
Potential Major Gift Prospect Individuals who have been identified by research, referral, development officer as having a major gift potential. In other words, these are major gift suspects.
Current Major Gift Prospect Prospects are individuals with a capacity to give a gift of $25,000 or greater over a five-year period. They can also be planned giving prospects. In most cases, these prospects have already been qualified by moves managers.
Current Planned Gift Prospect Prospects are individuals who have been identified as not having major gift potential but are still in the planned giving prospect pool and will remain in the major gift officer’s portfolio for further cultivation.
Community Contact Individuals whom we do not intend to solicit, who are important to track and cultivate due to their community connections
Not a Prospect Prospects who have been identified by research or through field qualification as not ever having any affiliation, inclination, or financial capacity to make a gift of any level.

Prospect Status

Needs Pre-Qualification Potential prospects (suspects) who have been identified and need basic qualifying research
Assignment Pending Individuals who have been pre-qualified as a potential major gift prospect and are awaiting portfolio assignment to a moves manager
Needs Field Qualification Potential prospect is in the process of being assessed through field qualification by a moves manager as having a major or planned gift potential.
General Cultivation Prospect has been visited and qualified by a moves manager as having major or planned gift potential. If appropriate, the moves manager can suggest an inclination and a capacity rating.
Focused Cultivation Prospect has been visited by a moves manager or participated in College events multiple times. Targeted gift discussions have occurred and the goal, capacity and inclination ratings are refined by the major gift officer. A strategy for gift closure is in place and a proposal is created to document a cultivation plan.
Solicitation Prospect has received an "ask" and is considering their gift commitment.
Temporary Stewardship Donor has made a gift commitment and is in the process of paying off the pledge.
Permanent Stewardship Donors who have given a major or planned gift to the College, who the College does not intend to re-solicit permanently, but who would be tracked for stewardship
Watch Individuals who may inherit significant wealth or have future potential
Hold Individuals who were previously major gift prospects but are not currently prepared to make a major gift. This could mean the criteria does not match at the time or the timing is not right to send a proposal. An action of Prospect Re-visit with a future date is opened by Prospect Research to track those who are on hold.
Not Qualified as Major Gift Prospect Prospects who do not have capacity and/or inclination to make a major gift to the College. Either Prospect Research or moves managers can disqualify a prospect.

Prospect Research and Management

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