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Prospect Research and Management



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Even if you email us your request, you’ll still need to provide us with all the details we ask on the on-line forms.

Examples of a request with insufficient details for targeted research:

“Can you please research prospect A?”

“Please check out this person!”

“I’d like more information about his wife.”

Examples of a request with sufficient details for targeted research:

“I need basic information on prospect A (RE ID# 12345), referred by John Smith, for a qualification call. I need the information by 1/1/2012.”

“I need a full profile on prospect B (RE ID# 67890) for a solicitation meeting on 1/1/2012. Please deliver the information by 12/1/2011.”

“I need to know if prospect C (RE ID# 11111) has given any gifts to other organizations as I need to determine what might motivate him/her to give. I need the information by 1/1/2012 so that I will be able to come up with next steps the week after.”


Prospect Research and Management

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