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Law Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center (PEAC)

PEAC’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment in PGE Boardman Case

November 11, 2010

On November 5, PEAC, on behalf of the Sierra Club, Northwest Environmental Defense Center, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Hells Canon Preservation Council, and Columbia RiverKeeper, asked a federal court to rule that Portland General Electric (PGE) has been violating federal law for years by emitting pollution from its Boardman coal-fired power plant well above applicable limits. 


As PEAC pointed out in its brief to the federal court, the Boardman plant currently emits on average over 12,000 tons per year of sulfur dioxide and 8,500 tons per year of nitrogen oxides. If PGE complied with the law, the plant’s emissions of these harmful pollutants would be far less – likely less than 1,200 tons per year of sulfur dioxide, and less than 1,700 tons per year of nitrogen oxides.  Click here to see PEAC’s motion for partial summary judgment.