April 24, 2024

Lewis & Clark Law Moot Court Team Achieves Quarterfinals at National Competition

Lewis & Clark Law School’s moot court team advanced to the national quarterfinals—the first in over a decade— and was honored with “Most Professional Team” award.

From Left to Right: Luke Lartigue ’26, Bahar Tarighi ’26, Amy Sohlberg ’24, Jake Serafini ’24 Christa Doerbeck ’24, and Mikki Ness ’26.

In an impressive showing, the Lewis & Clark Law School moot court team advanced to the quarterfinals of the National Trial Competition hosted by the American College of Trial Lawyers and Texas Young Lawyers Association. This marked the first year in over a decade that a team from Lewis & Clark participated at the national level, highlighting a significant achievement for the school.

Amy Sohlberg '24 and Jake Serafini '24 Amy Sohlberg ’24 and Jake Serafini ’24

Team members Amy Sohlberg ’24 and Jake Serafini ’24 led the charge, standing out among more than 225 teams from across the country in the regional rounds to place in the top eight nationally. The team’s success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both the students and their coaches, Ed Kroll and Simon Whang, who invested countless weekends and evenings in preparation.

Adding to the celebration, the team was voted by their peers and the judges as the “Most Professional Team,” a prestigious accolade that recognizes not only the competitors but also the four witnesses: Christa Doerbeck ’24, Luke Lartigue ’26, Bahar Tarighi ’26, and Mikki Ness ’26.

This award highlights the team’s dedication to professionalism and ethical behavior, attributes that are deeply ingrained in the educational philosophy of Lewis & Clark Law School.

Reflecting on the achievement, Joanna Perini-Abbott, Professor of Practice and Director of the Advocacy Center, expressed her pride in the team’s accomplishments and the school’s role in shaping adept, ethical, and professional attorneys. “I’ve known for a decade that Oregon is a special place to practice law, and now I recognize how pivotal Lewis & Clark’s contribution is to that reputation,” Jo remarked. Coaches Simon Whang and Ed Kroll Coaches Simon Whang and Ed Kroll

Special recognition was also given to Ed Kroll and Simon Whang, who despite their demanding careers as a judge and trial lawyer, respectively, dedicated themselves to coaching the moot court team. Their guidance was instrumental in the team’s success, significantly enhancing their competitive performance.

“As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, I am filled with optimism for the future,” said Jo. “I hope that we will eventually secure a national title and continue to nurture exemplary legal professionals.”