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Council Projects

The Sustainability Council works to integrate sustainability into the life of the three Lewis & Clark schools. Doing so helps to develop cross-school collaborations, broaden our relationships with organizations and partners in the greater Portland area, promote student learning through hands-on work on sustainability initiatives, and effectively communicates Lewis and Clark’s commitment to sustainability.  Through this work, the Council endeavors to play an important role in implementing the sustainability and environmental education components of The Journey Forward.

Faculty Stipend position

2015-16 Academic Programming Research Paper - T.Doherty

Academic Program Enhancement

With the support of a 2015-16 SIF grant, the Council commissioned a report from a graduate faculty member, to examine opportunities for the enhancement of sustainability curriculum across the institution. This report was presented to the Sustainability Council, all three academic deans, the President as well as other members of our community. In reflecting on the feedback we received from these groups and individuals, we are enthusiastically presenting this proposal to further develop, and seek funding for, priority elements of the report. This work would be completed by an existing faculty member, through a limited-duration, stipend position amounting to approximately 10 hours of additional work for the remainder of the year. This faculty member would work directly with the existing Sustainability Director and Council but would take the lead on curriculum and working with faculty as outlined below. The activities of the position would include:

  • Gathering faculty from the three schools to garner feedback, develop momentum and ‘workshop’ report recommendations
    • Promote cross-school faculty collaboration and innovation
    • Share resources, service learning, and curricular connections
    • Discuss opportunities for additional courses
  • Advancing the programmatic elements of the plan
    • Initiate cross-campus winter and/or summer programs (based on current Council plans)
    • Enhance connectedness between academic programs and entities outside of Lewis & Clark (including partnering with other institutions)
    • Directly engage multicultural and social-environmental communities at Lewis & Clark
    • Convene the rotating Advising Committee drawn from faculty and staff from the three schools
  • Developing the funding mechanisms
    • Both short-term and long-term funding strategies
    • A funding list/package for use in applying for grants or seeking foundation funding
    • Identify revenue-producing programs or program models

Structure & Approach

  • Begin with time-limited pilot of 1-year
  • One faculty member from one of the three schools
  • 10 hours per week commitment reporting directly to the Council and President Ellis

The progress made by the Council and the part-time faculty member over the course of the next year will build on existing momentum toward longer-term programmatic considerations identified in last year’s report, including:

  • Creating a Lewis & Clark Sustainability Scholar Certificate or minor option for existing students (e.g., a self-designed curriculum drawn form existing academic offerings)
  • New or enhanced freestanding Certificate Programs
  • New Master’s level initiatives
  • Coordinate with technology and data systems to better audit degree tracks and credits, and make cross-school pathways more evident in course registration process
  • Nexus for study abroad connections and partner institution connections
  • Support Watson and Fulbright Scholarship Applicants
  • Invite visiting students and Scholars in Residence
  • Develop Assessment Rubric Questions (explored by director and faculty advisors, and compatible with other Lewis & Clark initiatives)



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