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Trip Comparison Chart

     Trip Leaves

    Hiking Distance/Day



    Tues. 8/21

    5 5-10 mi/day $975

    Hike & SUP Oregon’s Alps

    Tues. 8/21

    4-5 5-10* mi/day $775
    Olympic NP Marmot Research

    Tues. 8/21

     4.5  4-8 mi/day  $875
    Mt. Adams

    Wed. 8/22

    4.5 4-8 mi/day $850
    Backpack the Cascades

    Thur. 8/23

    4.5 4-8 mi/day $775
    Raft the 

    Tues. 8/21

    3 3 mi/day $1350
    Hike & Kayak Waldo Lake

    Wed. 8/22

    4-5 3-7 mi/day $950
    Hike & SUP Columbia Gorge

     Thur. 8/23

    3 5-10* mi/day $690
    Surf & Hike Oregon Coast

    Thur. 8/23

    3-4 6-8* mi/day $775
    Explore Temperate Rainforest

    Thur. 8/23

    3 5-10* mi/day $750
    Beyond Portlandia
    Env. Justice
    Economic Justice

    Wed. 8/22

    2  N/A $490

    **Price reflects the full cost of the trip before financial aid. If you submitted a FAFSA, the cost to you will be calculated on a need-based sliding scale. Simply check the box regarding financial aid on the New Student Trip Reservation Form. Your financial award will be included in the email with your trip placement. 


    Backcountry = Everything that is used on the trip (i.e. food, tents, clothing, toilet paper, etc.) is taken with you under your own power (i.e. in a backpack while you hike, on a raft while you float down the river, or in your kayak as you paddle across a lake).  There are no shower/bathroom facilities on these trips.

    Lodge-Based = Think summer camp!  The trip is based out of a central location with kitchen and lodging facilities.  From there you travel for your various activities.

    Water-Activities = Participants either travel via a raft or kayak to get from campsite to campsite, or have multiple day trips of water activities.

    Service = These trips primarily focus on doing service projects in the greater-Portland area.

    Rigor = How hard the trip is (5 is hardest).  Though our trips cater to all ability levels, the backpacking trips are often the most difficult and the most remote thus receiving the most rigorous rating.

    *Hiking Distance/Day = How much ground you can expect to cover when your trip is hiking.  Almost all trips incorporate hiking into many of their activity days. Lodge-based trips usually split into smaller groups in order to offer some longer hikes and some shorter hikes on the same day.

    Trip locations and descriptions are subject to change due to permitting and potential forest fire concerns.

Interactive Map of Trip Locations: