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Job Search Resource Center

This collection of resources is intended to help you find summer work or longer-term work, undergraduate field studies or graduate programs, outdoor education programs, local groups, skill certification courses or cheap gear for your own skill-building personal trips.

Backpacker You can do the vast majority of your job search online these days, so the bulk of the resources contained within are websites. We’ll leave it up to you to print out whatever you feel you need on paper. Please take the initiative to contact the program on your own if you’d like to receive their most recent packet.

If you know of any programs, organizations or resources not included here that would be a valuable addition to this collection, great — bring us the contact info. In addition, if you have worked for or studied with any of these organizations and would like to serve as a campus representative, let us know and we will list your name, email, and/or phone number alongside the program’s listing so that interested folks can contact you.

Good luck!

A note on camps: There are hundreds of camps out there! If we find an exceptional program, we will list it here specifically; however, if you are looking to browse for camp jobs, your best course of action would be to check out some online job search engines and paw through the packets we get in the mail.


I. Search lots of jobs from one site: Databases/Search Engines
II. Individual Programs, Organizations, Companies, Outfitters
III. Educate Yourself: Medical Training, Undergraduate Field Studies, Outdoor Schools, Local Groups, Graduate Programs
IV. Get geared up: Cheap and/or local equipment

I. Job Search Databases

Note: This is a great place to start familiarizing yourself with what’s out there without having to type in a million different websites. You may be able to narrow your search according to geography, type of position, etc. This is also a good way to start browsing summer camps.

  II. Individual Programs, Organizations, Schools, Outfitters

Secondary Schools/Programs with Outdoor Components
Raft Companies
Environmental Education for Kids
Summer Expeditions and Outdoor Education

  III. Educate Yourself

You may also be interested in working for these folks!

Outdoor Skill Schools
Medical Training
Graduate Programs
Undergraduate Environmental Field Studies

Remember to browse the CO Library for books that will help you study up for your next personal trip!

  IV. Get Geared Up: Gear Rentals and Businesses

College Outdoors offers rentals on a number of essential items for outdoor adventures. Check out our rental page here. We also include the addresses and numbers of local businesses that rent and/or sell gear.