February 13, 2023

“Tax Issues for Immigrants”Authored by Professor

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic director Professor Sarah Lora co-authors a book for the American Bar Association to provide guidance on tax and immigration issues.

Professor Sarah Lora, associate clinical professor and the director of the Lewis & Clark Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, co-authored a new book for the American Bar Association: Tax Issues for Immigrants: A Practical Guide to Understanding Tax Law for Immigrant Taxpayers.The book provides guidance for legal practitioners on tax and immigration issues. Lora’s co-authors are Robert G. Nassau and Sam Rock.

Beginning in 2021, Lora has contributed to the treatise, Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS with the chapter, “the Intersection of Taxation and Immigration.” The publishers asked Lora and her co-authors to turn that chapter into a book. She agreed to the project with co-authors and completed the book last year.

Professor Lora has helped shape tax policy for low income and immigrant taxpayers for years at the ABA. She has served as vice chair, then later as co-chair, of the Pro Bono and Tax Clinics committee. “This volume will help guide tax and immigration practitioners alike navigate the intersection of the two areas of law,” stated Lora. “I’m very proud of this practical guide. I wish I had had something similar when I first started working on immigrant tax issues.”