April 04, 2024

Lewis & Clark Honors Ying Chen, Edward J. Sullivan, Mikalah Singer, and Natalie Hollabaugh as Distinguished Honorees

On March 9, alums Ying Chen, Mikalah Singer, and Natalie Hollabaugh and Professor Edward J. Sullivan were recognized as distinguished honorees for their contributions to the law school and their communities.

On March 9, 2024, Lewis & Clark held its annual Distinguished Honors Dinner, recognizing three alums and one professor for their grand accomplishments and unparalleled service to their community. Honorees Ying Chen ’95, PhD, Mikalah Singer ’20, Natalie Hollabaugh ’21, and Professor Edward J. Sullivan were honored.

Dr. Ying Chen was honored as the Distinguished Graduate, which recognizes alumni who have made a positive mark on the legal profession. Distinguished Graduates are honored for their service to their community and to the law school. Ying’s work has contributed to the fields of patent law and intellectual property in countless ways and has helped bolster investors and companies in their work navigating emerging technologies. She has encouraged law students to pursue careers in IP by establishing and funding the ‘Students First’ Endowed Intellectual Property Scholarship. At the dinner, Ying was introduced by Jie Lian ’20, a recipient of the “Students First” scholarship.

Professor Edward J. Sullivan was recognized as the Honorary Graduate, which honors a non-graduate who exemplifies their devotion to education and commitment to the law school. He has taught land use planning law as an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School since 1987, mentoring countless law students who have gone on to establish successful legal careers. In addition to serving as a professor, he has maintained a busy law practice, and in 2014 was acknowledged as one of the “Best Lawyers in America.” Sullivan is the author of a textbook used in land use planning law classes and has also written over sixty law review articles and several book chapters on the subject. His textbook is used in land use planning courses in over two dozen law schools across the country.

Mikalah Singer was bestowed the Rising Star Award, which recognizes a recent graduate for their outstanding achievements, entrepreneurship, or leadership in the legal field. Mikalah has made significant contributions to the nexus between animal law, public health, and the environment, notably supporting global efforts to protect fox species and their habitats. She has worked to further protections for animals in important ways, especially as it relates to research ethics and experimentation. She is a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Chair-Elect for the Animal Law Section of the Oregon Bar, and has been published in both law and scientific journals for her work on alternatives to animal experimentation.

Natalie Hollabaugh was awarded the Community Spirit Award, which honors a graduate for their notable community, public interest, or humanitarian work. Natalie advocates for holistic defense practices on behalf of families, children, and teens. Her work led to the debut of a statewide juvenile record expunction clinic, as well as the publication of a guide to collateral consequences for practitioners and youth, co-sponsored by the Gault Center. In her current work as a trial attorney, she practices holistic defense on behalf of children, teens, and families in delinquency and dependency cases.

Congratulations to our 2024 Distinguished Honorees. Lewis & Clark thanks them greatly for their service to the community.