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Developing Byngo

March 07, 2013

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For the past year, Lewis & Clark has been assisting in developing a program, Byngo, that will encourage colleges across the country to be more environmentally friendly. The school engaged in brainstorming for key elements of the Byngo platform and is now testing it within the LC community. By next year, Lewis & Clark will have the full program running, with students, faculty, and staff from all three campuses involved. If the program is a success, the community at Lewis & Clark will be more focused on sustainable choices, and the school will continue to reduce its environmental impact.

To get involved with Byngo at Lewis & Clark, click here!


More about Byngo:

Byngo is a way for schools to challenge their students, faculty, and staff to make sustainable choices. It is a place for people to create goals, to connect with others with similar goals, and complete challenges. These challenges can be competitions with other people or groups, or individual efforts. Either way, users are held accountable for their choices regarding the environment in a positive, encouraging way. Byngo‚Äôs biggest goal is to reduce energy consumption at universities and colleges, but there will be focuses on many branches of sustainability. 


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