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Capital Projects

2014-2015 Approved Capital Projects and Equipment

imageJuniper Renovation

Over the summer, Juniper will be completely renovated into a new style of campus housing.  The renovation will provide 29 large single occupancy rooms with full size beds with single use restrooms along the inner corridors.  A new open formal entry is planned along with a large community lounge and kitchen.  Dedicated parking, ramp and entry on the south end will provide ADA access to the building and main floor.  Energy improvements include new windows, improved ventilation, water saving fixtures, LED lighting throughout, and complete building envelope insulation.


imageFields Photography Lab Renovation

Bremik Construction will renovate the current photography lab in Fields Art Center over the summer. The scope will relocate wet lab equipment to create a dedicated space for digital photography.  The dark room and processing areas will be expanded .  The current classroom will have a window added on the north wall and the infrastructure installed for smart classroom equipment in the future.





Existing room with 50 metal lockers


Pamplin Football Team Room Expansion

During the summer, the football team room will be renovated and expanded.  The room will expand from 50 lockers to 91 for student athletes.  Along with lockers, whiteboards, sound system, flooring, lighting and ventilation improvements are scheduled.




Existing flooringPamplin Flooring Upgrades

Various rooms in Pamplin will have new flooring systems installed to improve safety.  In the Weight/Fitness Room, a new recycled ground rubber flooring systems will be installed.  In the Training Room, new flooring designed for wet areas will be installed to minimize slipping.  And the original flooring in the Mat Room is at the end of useful life and will be replaced with flooring to accommodate the variety of activities in the space.




Admission’s Office Remodel

Crews will renovate the 2nd floor west office suite to capture under utilized corridor area and complete a private office.  Reception space will be created in the lobby of the 2nd floor.  Upgrades to the attic space will include new carpet and paint. 






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