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Full-Time Employees

You are eligible for the full benefit package if you are a faculty member with at least a .50 full-time equivalent (FTE) or a staff member who works at least 20 hours per week (.53 FTE). The full benefit package includes medical, vision, dental, life, AD&D, long-term disability, flexible spending, and the retirement supplemental and annuity plans. Please note that there may be different eligibility waiting periods for individual benefit plans.


Part-Time Employees

Any faculty member who has less than .5 FTE or staff member who has less than .53 FTE (works less than 20 hours per week) is eligible for only voluntary contributions to the retirement plan and discounts. Time off and sick time are prorated for part-time staff. Faculty are not eligible for time off or sick time.


Temporary or Casual Employees

You are not eligible for benefits except for participation in the TIAA-CREF voluntary contribution to the 403(b). if you were hired on a temporary basis with an agreement at the time of hire that your employment is not expected to last more than six months. However, upon mutual agreement you may become eligible for benefits if your temporary assignment extends beyond six months. Please contact the Human Resources Office for more details. If you want to participate in the 403(b), then you can sign up at anytime through Workday.


New Employees

If you are a new employee, you must enroll in benefit plans within 31 days of your date of hire or appointment. When you enroll, your effective date of benefit coverage is the first day of the month following your date of hire. Please note that the eligibility date for the College’s contribution to the retirement plan is first of the month following one year of employment, unless you meet the exception guidelines outlined in the TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan Policy.

For example, if your hire date is on September 8th, your benefits will begin on October 1st. In order for your benefits to become effective, you must complete and submit all of the required enrollment forms to the Human Resource Office with 31 days of your date of hire. If your forms are not returned within your initial 31 days of employment, you must wait for the annual Open Enrollment period or a qualifying event to enroll in your benefits.



You can enroll your spouse/domestic partner and your dependent children up to age 26 for medical and dental coverage. A signed Affidavit of Marriage/Domestic Partnership is *required* to enroll spouse or domestic partner. The affidavit will be kept in the employee’s benefit file and a copy will be supplied to the benefit provider(s) for documentation of benefit eligibility.

Per IRS guidelines, unless the Spouse/Domestic Partner and his/her children qualify as the employee’s legal dependent for tax purposes, the following will apply:

  • The premium portion paid for an unmarried partner and his/her covered children may not be paid on a pre-tax basis through the Personal Choice Account; however, the portion of the premium paying for your own coverage and for your own children may be paid on a pre-tax basis.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for health care or dependent care for Domestic Partners and his/her dependents cannot be paid with pre-tax funds through the Personal Choice Account, per IRS guidelines.
  • Employees will pay taxes on the additional amount Lewis & Clark College pays toward coverage for a Domestic Partner and his/her covered children.

Human Resources

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