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International Students and Scholars

Bio for Brook Mentire

Davis United World College Scholar
Mahindra UWC of India


Born: Awasa, Ethiopia
Lived in: Ethiopia, India and now the USA
Intended Major: Economics major with a concentration in management / Minor in Political Economy

Everyone at Lewis & Clark knows Selam Mentire as “Brook.” When asked to explain his recent name change, Brook said, “When I was at Mahindra UWC, everyone called me ”˜Selam,’ my official name. But at home in Ethiopia, my Mom and my sisters call me ”˜Brook.’ Its an Amharic name and it actually has nothing to do with a running stream. I feel more comfortable with Brook and its easier for my US friends to remember.”

Brook attended Mahindra United World College of India. It was his first trip outside of Ethiopia and the time spent at UWC was a wonderful experience for him. “I met lots of different friends from lots of different countries. The IB program was difficult but great. And I had some wonderful experiences traveling around India with my many friends from UWC.” With his quick smile and positive outlook, it is no surprise that many students at Lewis & Clark already know “Brook.”

When asked why he chose Lewis & Clark for his studies, Brook explains, “The first time I found out about Lewis & Clark was when Brian White, Associate Director of the International Office, visited Mahindra UWC. I decided to give Brian a campus tour to find out more about the College. From what I heard from Brian and from what I saw on the website, L&C appeared to be my dream college! I was sure that a school this size was perfect for me to get the necessary attention I might need. I liked the size, the beautiful campus, and the location near Portland. After spending two years on the beautiful campus so far from the city (at Mahindra UWC), I really needed to be as close to a city as possible! Lewis & Clark is perfect for me!

Brook explained that the liberal arts is another big plus for him. “One of the reasons I came to a liberal arts college is because I don’t have to declare my major for the first two years. I have now decided to major in economics with a concentration in management and minor in political economics. Being able to take classes from a range of different fields made my decision easier—After taking classes in sociology/anthropology, international affairs, communication and cconomics, I decided to major in economics— meanwhile, I enjoyed exploring various disciplines, getting to know professors from outside of my major, and just learning about something other than economics.

My L&C experience outside of classroom has also been very rewarding. In 2008, I co-founded STAND L&C, the L&C brunch of STAND, and the student-run anti-genocide movement; I represented the political economy department with SAAB (Student Academic Affairs Board); and I became the president of the L&C Black Students Union. In the fall of 2009, I participated in L&C’s overseas program to Australia. In the fall of 2010, I organized a group of Lewis & Clark students to volunteer at a public school in NE Portland and in the fall, I am excited to begin my student life internship at the Center for Career and Community Engagement (3CE). I spend my free time playing soccer or basketball with my friends, listening to music or reading.