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International Students and Scholars

Davis United World College Scholar
Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland)

Lame UngwangMy name is Lame Ungwang (pronounced Lam锦). I was born and raised in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, a relatively large country directly north of South Africa and home to just under two million people. The national language is Setswana and the people are called Batswana.

 For the most part, I enjoyed my childhood and early teens. I was always a top-achiever, obedient and respectful, attributes which are much appreciated in my culture. What I didn’t like was how I had to change schools a lot more than necessary, as it meant having to start over when everybody else was comfortably settled into the school setting. On the bright side, it taught me how to adapt. I was able to meet many more people and experience various learning environments.

 Academically, I have always loved the sciences, especially biology, and this I why I have always wanted to be a doctor. More recently however, I discovered the fun and intrigue of other areas such as literature and the humanities, which is why a liberal arts college was a good move at this point in my life. I would still like to go into medicine, but a lot can change in four years!  Outside of the classroom, my interests are numerous. I enjoy playing sports, such as softball, basketball and soccer and I hope to participate on some intramural teams at Lewis & Clark.

 I dislike my tendency to work under pressure; when there is a sense of urgency, I am much more motivated and think more clearly. I wish I was able to pace myself well-ahead of deadlines and finish well ahead of time, but I cannot. I also dislike my inability to articulate under pressure. It is something I certainly need to work on in college.

What I like most about myself is my flexibility. I dislike people who fuss about the slightest upset to their comfort zone, and I like that it takes a lot to get me angry or agitated.

The transition from high school into IB was certainly a difficult one for me. The workload was so much more and there were many late nights and all-nighters. It was a continuous battle! It got a tiny bit easier as the months went by, and eventually I managed to balance it all. It was a challenge, but I am very appreciative of the opportunity as it prepared me for what lies ahead.

 With so much cultural diversity at my UWC, there were immense differences in priorities and opinions, resulting in heated debates whether pertaining to a minor issue in the boarding residence or a discussion of Browning’s poetry during literature class. It was always in good spirit though, and hence brought my classmates closer together. I perceive the UWC environment as the ideal world – everyone’s voice is heard, differences among us celebrated and tolerated, opinions respected, even when one disagrees with them, and judgment of people is based on their character and not on things they have no control over.

 I chose to attend Lewis & Clark because the school took a keen interest in me before I even applied, offering so much information that I got a feel for the place. It seemed less like a formal institution and more like a community. I liked so many aspects of the school that I decided to attend. I really do not know what to expect, but I am optimistic and excited to be a part of the incoming class of 2014!