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College Outdoors

College Outdoors Summer Social

Date: 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT August 4

We had a great year of trips and fun with College Outdoors and we want to continue this fun into the summer! Let’s stay connected, meet new people, and talk about how we are getting involved in the outdoors during this crazy time. But mostly, we want to see all your smiling faces VIRTUALLY, because we miss you! Come pop in and say hi!
Who: The whole College Outdoors community! Or anyone who wants to join! Are you an incoming Freshman? Or maybe just someone who wants to learn more about College Outdoors and get more involved? We’d love to meet you! Have you led trips in the past but want to reconnect? We miss you and want to see you too! Everyone is welcome!
What: Fun & games! We have silly and fun virtual games planned every week! Do you have any questions about College Outdoors? Any new skills you want to learn? Want to meet new people? Come join for fun, games, socializing, and everything in between!
Why: For fun! To see each other’s smiling faces! To stay connected! To meet new people!
When: Every-other Tuesday at 4pm Oregon time (PST). Pop in anytime between 4pm and 5pm to socialize and stay connected with the other cool people involved in College Outdoors. We will usually have a game or activity that works best if you come in the beginning.
How: On Zoom! The link to join is in the CO newsletter sent out weekly! If you don’t get the newsletter, sign up here.