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Shuttle Services

The Pioneer Express will operate according to the published schedule through May 9, 2017.

Service will resume in mid August 2017.

Lewis & Clark College has free shuttle services designed to help students, staff, and faculty, travel between downtown, their homes, and the airport.

Detailed timetable and stop locations

Pioneer Express downtown shuttle:

SW Commuter shuttle schedule (serving the park-and-ride lot and SW commuters) - Service cancelled effective 4/1/17.


Additional information on shuttle routes

The 2016-17 Pioneer Express route has two major changes - the downtown location and access to South Waterfront and Macadam. The downtown location change was required by Trimet and the City of Portland after the College proposed several other locations in the area. The new route however, will better serve Macadam/South Waterfront/East Side commuters coming to campus via transit or bicycle. A second shuttle has been added this year to serve a new park-and-ride lot as well as transit riders coming through the Hillsdale/Burlingame area. Please see the details on these changes below.

About the SW Broadway and Hall stop near Shattuck Hall at PSU stop:

Last semester, the City of Portland informed Transportation and Parking that we would no longer be allowed to use the 6th and Salmon stop due to high traffic in the area. On Thursday, August 11, we were given approval to use the SW Broadway and Hall stop near Shattuck Hall at PSU, after considering several other locations in the downtown core. This location has been a flagstop for the Pioneer Express and is used by many students. This location has several advantages:

  • it is one of the most heavily traveled streets in downtown
  • it is a safer, more populated location - particularly in the evenings and on weekends
  • one block from the Max line with connecting service to the entire Max system
  • one block from the Streetcar line and direct access to Trimet bus service

About the Macadam/South Waterfront stops:

  • intended to serve residents in the Macadam/South Waterfront area as well as East Side commuters using transit or bicycling over the Tilikum, Ross Island or Sellwood Bridge
  • there will be one timed stop and one flagstop in South Waterfront
  • there are several flagstops along Macadam and one timed stop at Zupan’s grocery store, see the schedule for details
  • the Zupan’s stop on the way to campus at the store’s south (last) driveway exit onto Taylors Ferry. From campus to downtown it is at the bus stop at Macadam & Nevada (north bound)

About the direction changes on the Pioneer Express:

The Pioneer Express reroute is intended to provide access to more areas in Portland for residential students while also serving commuters to campus. The change in directions prior to rush hour and in the evening is intended to support commuters to the SW and East side as well as residential students traveling to downtown or Fred Meyer in the evenings.

  • The new Pioneer Express route will travel to downtown via Barbur at the beginning of its route until 3 p.m., picking up Macadam/South Waterfront/East Side commuters prior to coming up to campus.
  • The Pioneer Express will then travel to downtown via Macadam in the afternoon beginning at 3 p.m., dropping off Macadam/South Waterfront/East Side commuters prior to going downtown.
  • Beginning after 7 p.m. the shuttle will travel downtown via Barbur, stop at Fred Meyer, but will NOT make the loop to South Waterfront.

About the SW Commuter Shuttle:

The SW Commuter Shuttle will serve the park-and-ride lot at the Portland Christian Center as well as transit, bicycle or walking traffic in the Hillsdale/Burlingame area.

  • The shuttle will travel via Terwilliger to Capital and Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy. to the park-and-ride lot
  • When it returns to campus it will travel down Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy, proceed to Capital to stop near the Capitol and Bertha Trimet stop (shuttle will stop in the Food Front parking lot near Pizzicato), for specific stops and flagstops see the route map
  • shuttle route schedule
  • there are a number of flagstops on this route, if you are living in Hillsdale, Burlingame or traveling via transit through this area please consider making a connection to this shuttle
  • Fred Meyer is accessible from this route, please see the schedule for flagstop details
  • this route is open to all faculty, staff and students

Inclement Weather

If Lewis & Clark is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, scheduled shuttle service will be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to the online schedule and/or Fleetmatics Mobile App or the website in the event of inclement weather.

Airport Shuttle

Lewis & Clark operates a shuttle to and from the Portland International Airport. To access:

  • From airport: go toward the Lower Level-Baggage Claim and then out to shuttle area. Shuttle will be signed with ‘Lewis & Clark’
  • From campus: meet at Upper Templeton near existing shuttle stop
  • 2016-2017 Airport Shuttle Schedule
    • Beginning of Fall Semester
    • Winter Break
    • End of Spring Semester

* The Pioneer Express will reroute to connect with Trimet’s Max Red line with direct access to the Portland Airport for Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Free Trimet passes will be available for students who wish to use this transit option.


Transportation and Parking

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