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Transportation and Parking

Parking Forms & Applications

Parking Fees and Refunds

Lewis & Clark’s Board of Trustees approves a schedule of parking fees each year as part of the budget process.

Payment Methods: Students must pay for their semester permits in full at the time of purchase. Employees may purchase semester parking permits by authorizing monthly payroll deductions. After purchasing a permit or bus pass, Graduate and Undergraduate students may pick it up at the Transportation & Parking office located in Facilities Services (building 47 on the campus map). Law students may pick up their permit or bus pass from Law Business Services located in the Legal Research Center. Bus passes may also be purchased and picked up at Campus Safety
Refunds: Students who have purchased a semester parking permit may return it for a refund for the unused portion of the semester. Monthly bus passes are not refundable nor can they be replaced if lost.

Permit Fees

Student $165 per semester
Student Carpool $82.50 per semester ($41.25 each person)
Staff $41.25 per month (8 payroll deductions)*
Motorcycle $27.50 per semester
Daily parking pass $4.00 maximum, 7 am to 7 pm; $2.00 after 4 pm
Guest and Vendor Permit No Charge
Lost Parking Permit $10.00
Monthly Bus Pass $50 per month - purchase before the 10th of the month

 *Download the Faculty/Staff Payroll Reduction Disclosure or Payroll Reduction Elimination


Display of Parking Permits

A valid permit is either an unexpired semester or daily parking pass authorized by the Transportation and Parking Office and properly registered and displayed. During the fall and spring semesters Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm all vehicles parked on campus must display a valid permit. During summer sessions, parking permits are required for the Graduate Campus and Law School reserved staff parking area. Expired permits must be removed and replaced with a current permit. Failure to display a valid parking permit is a violation. There is no charge for parking after 7 pm on weekdays or weekends.

The Lewis & Clark semester parking permit is designed to adhere to a vehicle’s lower driver side windshield. Daily parking passes are to be displayed so that they are readily visible on the dashboard of the driver’s side of the vehicle. Failure to properly display a semester parking permit or a daily parking pass is a violation.

Permit Cancellation, Denial, or Nonrenewal

The College may revoke a parking permit or refuse to issue a parking permit without prior notice. Parking permits may be revoked, denied, or not renewed for nonpayment of parking fines, multiple violations, or obtaining a permit by false information. 

Daily, Visitor, and Guest Permits

For those driving cars to campus on an occasional basis during the fall and spring semesters, the College offers the following parking permit options:

  • Student and Staff Daily Parking Permits: Purchase daily parking permits from automated dispensing machines in the upper Griswold, lower Griswold, Law, and Graduate School parking lots. First year undergraduate students are not permitted to purchase daily parking permits.
  • Visitor Parking Permits: All visitors may purchase visitor permits from automated dispensing machines in the upper Griswold, lower Griswold, Law, and Graduate School parking lots. Individuals attending special events or conferences at the College during regulated hours are also required to purchase a visitor-parking permit. Sponsors of special events must contact the Office of Transportation and Parking if visitor permits are to be issued in advance. Visitor permits must be visibly displayed on the vehicle dashboard on the driver’s side. Students and staff are not allowed to use visitor parking spaces. 
  • Guest Parking Permits: Guests of the College may park in specially designated reserved spaces near the Information Gate from 8 am to 5 pm. Those eligible for guest permits include prospective students, parents of prospective students, parents of current students, job applicants, and other guests of the College. There is no charge for guest-parking permits. Guest permits are issued by the Campus Safety Office. Students, faculty and staff are not permitted to use guest parking permit.
  • Trustees.The Office of the President issues special parking permits to all trustees of the College.

Carpool permits

Those who register for carpool permits will pay discounted parking fees on campus and will be entitled to park in specially reserved spaces.

  •  Who makes up a carpool? Two or more Lewis & Clark community members who are qualified under the carpool registration process with the Office of Transportation and Parking constitute a valid campus carpool. Each carpool participant must buy their own pass, therefore, a carpool vehicle must display two or more valid carpool permits. Students who are residents of the campus are not eligible for a carpool parking permit.
  • Permit procedures: One carpool permit will be issued to each carpool participant. All vehicles used by the carpool must be registered. When not carpooling, one carpool pass must be displayed in addition to a valid day pass.
  • Multiple vehicles: If persons registered in one carpool use more than one vehicle, each of which is previously registered with the College, the permit may be used in either registered vehicle.
  • Changes in carpool status: It is mandatory that changes in carpool status be reported to the Office of Transportation and Parking. Changes in status include, but are not limited to changes in residency, changes in carpool members, or a change of carpool vehicles.
  • Monitoring: Transportation and Parking staff monitor carpools. The Department of Transportation and Parking may suspend carpool privileges for violation of carpool rules. The success of the carpooling program depends on the integrity of its participants. The Department of Transportation and Parking will protect the anonymity of persons reporting violations of carpool regulations. Any carpool participant found to be in violation of this section will be subject to parking citations with associated fines.
  • Complimentary Day Passes: Each person purchasing a carpool pass will receive three (if purchasing a semester pass) or six (if purchasing an annual pass) complimentary day passes to be used when not carpooling. A permit code will be set up by the Transportation & Parking Department for your use when not carpooling. The permit code is used to retrieve a day pass from one of four permit dispensing machines (permit kiosk).


Transportation and Parking

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