Joining a carpool is a great way to help share our world’s energy burden. Finding one is easy,and by doing so, you’re helping decrease pollution, traffic congestion, while paying less for gas! 

Carpool Parking

Conveniently located parking spaces are reserved for carpools from 7 am to 10 am, Monday though Friday. Qualification criteria for carpool permits are below and in the Transportation and Parking Regulations.

  • Who makes up a carpool? Two or more Lewis & Clark community members who are qualified under the carpool registration process with the Office of Transportation and Parking constitute a valid campus carpool. Each carpool is made up of a carpool lead and at least one rider. Carpool riders are not eligible for a subsidized bus pass. Students who are residents of the campus are not eligible for a carpool parking permit nor can they be listed as a rider.
  • Permit procedures: One carpool ePermit will be issued to each carpool. All vehicles used by the carpool must be registered under the primary driver’s permit. When not carpooling day passes must be used. Carpool participants must read and fill out the Carpool Regulations and Disclosure form.
  • Changes in carpool status: It is mandatory that permanent changes in carpool status be reported to Transportation and Parking. Changes in status include, but are not limited to changes in residency, changes in carpool members, or a change of carpool vehicles.
  • Monitoring: Transportation and Parking staff monitor carpools. The Department of Transportation and Parking may suspend carpool privileges for violation of carpool rules. The success of the carpooling program depends on the integrity of its participants. The Department of Transportation and Parking will protect the anonymity of persons reporting violations of carpool regulations. Any carpool participant found to be in violation of this section will be subject to parking citations with associated fines.
  • Complimentary Day Passes: Each person purchasing a carpool pass will receive three (if purchasing a semester pass) or six (if purchasing an annual pass) complimentary day passes to be used when not carpooling. Should you need a complimentary pass, please stop by Campus Safety Office and speak with Transportation & Parking. 

Carpool Network

Get There

Get There is Oregon’s easy-to-use carpool matching tool and trip planner.  

Get There is an easy and convenient way to find someone to share a ride in Oregon and SW Washington. Simply log on, and you will receive guidance through a matching process. The matching system is unique in helping you find someone along your commute route (not necessarily starting and ending at the exact same place), which expands your commuting options. The service also connects anyone who might be looking for bike commuters to ride with or other ways to connect with non-carcommuting partners.

MetroVan Vanpool

Metro VanPool Portland

A vanpool is a group of 5 to 15 people who share their commute. The vanpool travels from home (or a prearranged meeting place) to work, school, or other destinations. Vanpools may be started by groups of commuters or their employers. The MetroVan vanpool program coordinates vanpool services for commuters who travel into the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region for work or school.

Vanpool incentives help commuters “Drive less. Save more.”

Vanpooling with a MetroVan can cost a quarter of what you would pay to drive alone! MetroVan helps make vanpooling even more economical with a new incentive program that pays for 50% of the basic monthly van lease cost, not including fuel. Passengers split the remaining costs. Monthly costs per rider, including fuel, are $60 to $95 for a 30-mile roundtrip, compared to $266 a month to drive alone.

  • To qualify for a MetroVan incentive, the vanpool must:
  • Travel to a destination in the Portland metropolitan area,
  • Originate at least ten miles from the destination or travel through a congested corridor,
  • Use one of MetroVan’s vanpool providers, and
  • Maintain a minimum of five participants, including the driver, three or more days a week.

Emergency Ride Home

If a family emergency occurs before it is time for your vanpool to return home, then your ride is only a phone call away. MetroVan provides vanpool participants a free emergency ride home in a cab.

Current vanpool routes and schedules

There may already be a MetroVan vanpool that meets your commute needs.

For more information, call 503-813-7566 or send e-mail to The hearing impaired may call TDD 503-797-1804.