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Transportation and Parking

Carpool Terms & Disclosure

Please fill out this form to complete your carpool permit purchase and to receive your complimentary day passes. Additionally, Lewis & Clark College requests that carpoolers sign up for DriveLess.Connect, Metro’s carpool matching service.


I understand that the purpose of the Lewis & Clark College Carpool Program is to reduce the number of daily single occupancy vehicle trips to the campus. I agree to the regulations and guidelines of the Carpool program, which are as follows:

  • Carpool members must abide by all of the Lewis & Clark College transportation and parking regulations and policies, which may be viewed here: Parking and Transportation Regulations.
  • Misuse of a carpool permit will subject carpool applicants to cancellation of the carpool permit, parking violation fine(s), booting, and/or towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • All carpool members must live off-campus beyond a reasonable walking distance to the Campus. All vehicles driven to campus must be registered with the College.
  • A valid carpool is defined as at least two individuals riding together in a single vehicle to the campus 80% of the time.
  • A carpool parking permit must be purchased by the primary driver and owner of the primary vehicle that will be associated with the permit.
  • Any permanent changes in the status of carpool membership shall be reported in the Transportation and Parking permit management system. Such changes include, but are not limited to: changing residences, leaving a carpool, changing to another carpool and replacing a registered vehicle.
  • Vehicles with valid student carpool permits may also park in undesignated spaces. Vehicles with valid staff carpool permits may also park in campus parking spaces designated for staff or any undesignated space.
  • Carpool participants may not purchase subsidized monthly bus passes.
  • Carpool permits will receive three complimentary day passes each semester. Day passes should be used for single occupancy trips.

Transportation and Parking

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