• Lewis & Clark publications follow The Chicago Manual of Style recommendation to apply a “down” style, using capitals sparingly.
  • Capitalize proper nouns.

Lewis & Clark Board of Trustees
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling
Lewis & Clark Law School
Templeton Campus Center

  • Do not capitalize common nouns.

the board
the graduate school
the institute

  • Do not capitalize college if it is standing alone.
  • Capitalize Lewis & Clark office names.

Office of Human Resources or Human Resources
Student Support Services
Campus Living
Office of Campus Safety
or Campus Safety

  • Capitalize prepositions or conjunctions of four or more letters in headlines and titles.

Secrets From the Center of the World

  • When a term that would normally be capitalized as part of a proper name is used in the plural, capitalize the term.

the Columbia and Willamette Rivers (Columbia River)
Department of Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology Programs (Art Therapy Program)
Multnomah and Clackamas Counties (Multnomah County)

  • Capitalize generic terms used in the plural before more than one proper name.

Mounts Rainier and Hood

  • See also business entities; courses; degrees; departments; endorsements; endowed professorships; fields, majors, and minors; people (titles of); programs; works (titles of); and entries under individual terms.