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SC Training - Vehicles, tire change, jump kits

Date: 12:30pm - 2:30pm PST January 31, 2021 Location: Sequoia Building

  • Image shows a man in an orange hat and black jacket sitting in a white vehicle. The door is open and his is giving a thumbs up and smiling.

Sequoia Building

This training clinic is designed for new Student Coordinators, who are interested in developing their leadership and outdoor skills. Everyone who has submitted a Student Coordinator application is welcome - so if you want to attend this trip and get involved with leadership at College Outdoors, be sure you have submitted your application here!

On this trip, you’ll learn the skills you need to know regarding the College Outdoors’ vehicles including changing a tire and using the jump-start kits. No experience necessary! To become a leader with College Outdoors all you need is enthusiasm, we provide all the equipment and can teach you all the skills!

This is a good step in becoming a Trip Leader! Learn about vehicle maintenance and what to do in an emergency. These are not only skills used on College Outdoors’ trips, but are also good life skills!


Covid-19 Mitigation:

  • Masks and 6ft distancing required
  • Groups capped at 10 people (including leaders)

Meeting Place:
Sequoia building yard on south campus (details sent once you sign up on the College Outdoors website).

Need Accommodations?
Please email This trip lends itself well to a variety of accessibility accommodations, including mobility accommodations. Changing a tire involves crouching or kneeling for a short period of time.

Registration for this event begins on January 16, 2021.