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Spiritual Life

Visit a Quaker Meeting

Date: 10:00am PST November 7, 2010 Location: West Hills Friends Meeting House

West Hills Friends Meeting House

Take a “field trip” to a Quaker meeting at West Hills Friends in Portland. This event is sponsored by the Interfaith Council. RSVP at


Meet one group of Friends in SW Portland:

“We want to be people who live abundantly yet simply, trusting that the best things in life come gently and freely, without harming the earth or other people. We want to follow Christ against the grain of the dominant culture. It’s not easy to do this alone, so we help each other.

We love to extend our hospitality to those who might wander in, maybe not knowing much about us, or maybe having heard a little about Quakers. There is warmth and acceptance here, which encourages authenticity. We want to hear your questions, your insights and your experience of God. You are welcome here!”

Spiritual Life

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