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2005 Chamberlin Lecture Rabbi Michael Lerner

Date: September 27, 2005 Location: Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Progressive Social Change: Why America Needs a Spiritual Life
Tuesday, September 27, 7:30p.m.
Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Rabbi Michael Lerner is rabbi of Beyt Tikkun and editor of Tikkun magazine, a bi-monthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society. He is active in The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and he is working actively to foster a new atmosphere in liberal and progressive culture that is open to and curious about spiritual and religious perspectives. Lerner has been referred to as “America’s preeminent liberal Jewish intellectual” and he has distinguished himself as a social activist since the 1960s.

Rabbi Lerner was a student and disciple of the famous Jewish leader and philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel. Lerner earned his undergraduate degree at Columbia University and doctoral degree in philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley, and has taught at a number of universities and colleges, He is a prolific writer, and Rabbi Lerner’s books include Jews and Blacks: Let the Healing Begin(co-authored with Cornel West); Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation; The Politics of Meaning; Healing Israel/Palestine; and Spirit Matters: Global Healing and the Wisdom of the Soul.

In January of 2002, Rabbi Lerner founded The Tikkun (to heal, repair and transform the world) Community, an international interfaith organization dedicated to peace, justice, non-violence, and compassion which he chairs with Cornel West. Rabbi Lerner is a frequent lecturer around the world and continues to teach Torah each Saturday morning for Beyt Tikkun synagogue.

The Chamberlin Lecture is free and open to the general public.

The Chamberlin Lectureship was established in 1979 by the Rev. Mark and Dr. Corinne Chamberlin. The Rev. Chamberlin was a minister in the United Methodist Church and his wife, Corinne, practiced medicine in the Gresham area of Portland for over thirty years.

Their purpose in establishing the Chamberlin Lectures at Lewis & Clark College was to bring to the campus Christian and Jewish leaders of national or international acclaim who have distinguished themselves in applying the religious, social and economic teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew Prophets to the life of America and the world.

Chamberlin Lecturers: Abraham Kaplan, Henry Steel Commager, William Sloan Coffin, Jr., Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum, Martin E. Marty, Robert McAfee Brown, Emil Fachenheim, Aldolfo Perez Esquivel, Rabbi Alexander Schindler, Howard Summers, Elie Wiesel, Cornel West, Andrew Sullivan & Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, Rev. Bernice King, Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young

Featured Events

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