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12th Annual Business Law Forum

Date: September 29, 2006 Location: Law School

Law School

Lewis & Clark Law School
Friday, September 29
Lewis & Clark Law School, Wood Hall

The Aging of the Baby Boomer and America’s Changing Retirement System

The impending retirements of the baby boomers coincide with a marked decline of the traditional pension as the prevailing model for retirement income. Traditional pensions are being replaced by the defined contribution or individual account model. At the same time medical benefits for both retirees and employees are being cut or restructured to impose more costs on the recipients. These changes in turn generate fiscal pressures on Social Security, Medicare, and other mechanisms for social support. Where is America’s retirement policy headed?

The annual Fall Business Law Forum at Lewis & Clark Law School fosters vigorous and engaging discussions about legal issues of vital interest to businesses across the nation and the world. Papers presented at this year’s Forum will be published in Volume 11 of the Lewis & Clark Law Review.

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Featured Events

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