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November 10, 2015

Pioneer Crew is launching a fundraiser to help us raise money for our travel budget this year.  With our largest roster in many years and our final regatta happening in Sacramento the weekend before Finals, we want to ensure we have the money to fly everyone to our race and avoid a long bus trip at an academically challenging time of year, OR leaving athletes who have worked hard all year behind from their season-ending race.

So, we’ll come work for you!  Need help raking leaves, cleaning out the garage, painting, or doing other projects around the house?  You can ‘rent’ rowers for a $10/hour donation to our program.  Our team will come to you, work hard, and smile the whole time (most likely!).  

We look for a between two and four hours of work for at least two people.  If you have longer jobs or want more help, let us know and we’ll work to get the work done.

All of the money raised goes straight into our travel budget!  Any money donated over $10/hour/rower is tax-deductible (the minimum rate, unfortunately, is not).

Email Head Coach Sam Taylor at <> to schedule rowers.  Let me know where you live (closer in is better, further away we’ll see what we can do), what the job is, the number of rowers you need, and for how long. We have limited availability this weekend (November 14-15) and LOTS of availability next weekend (November 21-22).  Weekday jobs may be possible but are not guaranteed.

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