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Evolutionary Giving

Christine Swanson loves staying put and loves going away, loves being at home with her dogs Sydney and Darwin and loves exploring the world. It’s not a paradox but a way of life, first nurtured at Lewis & Clark where she thrived on residential living and thrilled at studying in New Zealand and Australia.

“Lewis & Clark gave me the confidence and skills to do anything I wanted to do. Our professors encouraged us to try different things and expected us to go full steam ahead–and I did.”

Since earning her degrees (BA ‘73, M.A.T. ‘74), she has traveled to every continent and pursued life as a teacher, travel agent, tour guide, bookstore owner, and underwater photographer while also volunteering as a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children. Keenly aware of the power of place, she is leaving her Portland house to Lewis & Clark, knowing that–like her education–the impact of her gift will evolve over time, transforming lives.

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