Devin Owen BA ’14

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shares the most important thing he learned at Lewis & Clark.

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Hi, Lewis & Clark! I’m Devin Owen, my pronouns are he and him, and I wanted to talk about the most important thing that I learned at Lewis & Clark, which was to keep exploring. Now, they first introduced us to this concept in our exploration and discovery classes as it applied to the liberal arts education - I think that’s so important of course - keep introducing yourself to new writing, to new ideas, to new ways of viewing the world, but it really became real in the abroad trips. How you got to explore not just different cultures, and people, and ideas, but also explore your place in the world and what it means to travel through it. But even since graduating, I think it’s that mindset that has honestly given me the the guidance or the permission to explore different careers and different things to do with my life after college that has led me to start Savviest and to work through all of these different so important and meaningful experiences in my life and so thank you Lewis & Clark for embedding that principle in me and to everybody else…keep exploring! Bye.