Drug Testing Procedures Policy


To ensure compliance with the Lewis & Clark Drug Testing policy in the event of reasonable suspicion or an accident involving machinery, including college owned motor vehicles.


Lewis & Clark’s Drug Testing policy may require an employee drug and alcohol testing whenever the College has reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances; or after an accident involving machinery, including college owned motor vehicles.

The College reserves the right to determine what constitutes an accident. Testing may be required of all employees involved in an accident involving machinery, including college owned motor vehicles while in the course and scope of employment that results in physical injury or property damage.

Any employee involved in an accident involving machinery, including college owned motor vehicles will report the occurrence to his or her supervisor or next level supervisor immediately. The employee’s manager in consultation with HR will determine if post accident testing is required.

If testing is required during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) the supervisor and employee will report the incident to Human Resources and obtain the appropriate documentation for drug testing from the Human Resources office. On weekends, holidays, or other times when supervision is absent, the employee will report the incident to Campus Safety. Campus Safety will call either the supervisor or the emergency call pager.

The supervisor or their designee will then escort the employee for alcohol and drug testing to:

Legacy Central Lab

1225 NE 2nd Avenue Portland,

OR 97232

(503) 413-5295

The necessary drug test collection site registration form is available from Human Resources during normal business hours, or from the Facilities Department or Campus Safety outside normal business hours.

The College will request Non-DOT post accident with breath alcohol testing. Faxed test results with written follow-up reports will be sent to Human Resources at Lewis & Clark.

If the employee cannot be picked up by a family member from the drug testing lab, it will be necessary to arrange a cab to take the employee home. Lewis & Clark has an account with Radio Cab. The phone number for Radio Cab is 503 227 1212. The account number is 7203. You will need to provide the pickup and delivery address. You can arrange to have the employee picked up from the lab or bring the employee back to Lewis & Clark and have them picked up from campus. Facilities will be charged for the cost of the cab fare. The supervisor and Human Resources will arrange for the employee to be transported home by a family member, supervisor or by cab.

Upon receipt of a positive result the supervisor and employee will meet with Human Resources to discuss appropriate action.

Upon receipt of a negative result the employee will return to work.

*Due to community safety concerns and Campus Safety staffing requirements, the following sections of the procedure will apply:

When a Campus Safety officer on duty by him/herself has been involved in a minor non- injury motor vehicle accident, and no alternate shift coverage is immediately available, the involved officer will wait until he/she is relieved before being transported to the lab for post-accident drug and alcohol testing.

Absent reasonable suspicion that drug or alcohol use was a contributing factor in a minor non-injury motor vehicle accident, the involved officer will not await a negative result before returning to work unless Campus Safety management has been able to provide alternate shift coverage.