Statement of Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy

When Lewis & Clark submits proposals to external sponsors and accepts awards for sponsored projects, the institution assumes significant financial and legal obligations. Sponsors fund projects based in part on the professional expertise of the Principal Investigators or approved Project Director (hereinafter referred to simply as “PI”) submitting proposals; however the formal award is made to, and the obligations are assumed by, Lewis & Clark. Under the general oversight and authority of Lewis & Clark, the title of PI identifies the individual responsible for the conduct of the project. This responsibility includes the intellectual conduct of the project, technical compliance, completion of programmatic work, fiscal stewardship of sponsor funds, and compliance with administrative requirements of the project. For these reasons PIs must have a reasonable prospect of long-term employment at Lewis & Clark.

The following Statement of Principal Investigator Eligibility provides institutional requirements for individuals who may serve as a PI on an externally sponsored project at Lewis & Clark. Exceptions to this policy may only be made with the prior approval of the appropriate Dean. PI eligibility status must be met at the time of the grant application, unless specifically permitted by the published guidelines of the funding mechanism, or the application is accompanied by a letter from the appropriate Dean specifying that the applicant will be PI eligible at the time of the award.

Any full-time faculty member or staff member who holds one of the following positions may be identified as a PI for sponsored activities:

  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty member
  • Librarian holding faculty status
  • Staff member

Any individual who holds one of the following positions may be identified as a project correspondent for sponsored activities if one of the individuals listed above is named as PI on the project:

  • Renewable Term Appointment faculty member Adjunct faculty member
  • Emeritus faculty member
  • Visiting faculty member
  • Scholar in Residence
  • Staff member

In some cases, a sponsoring agency may have restrictions on who may serve as a PI on a particular project or program that are more stringent than the policy of Lewis & Clark. As warranted, the deans will review circumstances on a case by case basis and ensure that restrictions are followed and allow exceptions as appropriate.

Individuals allowed to serve as PI on sponsored activities are required to comply with Lewis & Clark’s business practices, policies and procedures.

Approval Date

Approved by the Executive Council, August 27, 2008