Eric DeWeese JD ?09

Eric DeWeese JD ’09


Eric DeWeese JD ’09 says, “My second novel, Breach!, a story about ordinary people battling cancer(s) one day at a time, was published recently.”

Posted 04/07/2021

Eric DeWeese JD ’09 pens this murder mystery and family drama set on a golf course.

Self-published, 2021. 249 pages.

Posted 08/11/2020

Eric DeWeese JD ’09 pens his second novel, which tells the story of an ordinary protagonist’s battle with cancer. Self-published, 2020. 211 pages.

Posted 05/12/2018

Eric DeWeese JD ’18 explores whether the colonization of space can inspire more sustainable ways of life on Earth in this novel about an extended family facing the increasingly catastrophic effects of climate change.