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  • February 4
    On Feb 19, we are upgrading our LiveWhale content management system. Here are a few things to expect when you log in on the 20th.
  • December 20
    This February we will upgrade to the latest version of LiveWhale, 1.5. The exact date is to be determined.
  • September 23
    18 tips all LC employees should know: A quick reference for accessing technology, saving money, and making community connections.
  • August 28
    This Fall we introduce a new layout for the Lewis & Clark Information Technology homepage.
  • May 2
    Here are some resources for writing for the web, creating effective navigation, and keeping content fresh.
  • October 10
    Last week, as you may have read, we upgraded to the latest version of our LiveWhale content management system, which powers the vast majority of our website. Overall, things went swimmingly, though a few bugs always pop up with upgrading. For instance, we have an issue with checkboxes and radio buttons in new LiveWhale forms. You can be confident, however, that all of these bugs are being squashed one by one. The easiest way to keep track of the efforts is via our t…



  • Home Pages

    We’re listening to our home page curators and making some changes to better reflect their needs, the flow of information and some changes in marketing tactics. (David, Lawrence and WhiteWhale’s Tonya Moyle)

    1. 22 Dec: Completed immediate changes.
    2. 12 Dec: In conjunction with IDATI, released plan for immediate navigational changes.
    3. 1 Dec: WhiteWhale IA/Navigation report due.
    4. 21 Oct > 26 Oct: Launched new home page design.
    5. 20 Oct: Reviewed new home page with design group.

    Now assuming the mantle of navigations improvements combined with the former templating project, this Integrated Design and Technical Improvements project will reflect a host of changes needed to improve upon our redesign over two years ago to keep us competitive. (David, Morgan, Lawrence, Nick)

    1. Mid-Apr: First set of milestones.
    2. End-Feb: Release plan for the expanded project as it commences.
    3. 21 Feb: New Media team meeting to plan project.
    4. 15 Feb: Meet with Martha/Lawrence regarding the Law Website.
    5. 10 Jan: Meet with Graduate Web Team (Janet, Becky, Curt, Matsya, and Hanna) regarding the Graduate Website.
    6. 12 Dec: Release plan for extensive navigational and content changes.
  • LiveWhale Navigations

    After a test period early in the year, we have applied considerable effort to get all of the non-custom right-hand navigations rebuilt as LiveWhale Navigations, giving site editors the ability to edit their site navigation without our assistance. (Ben, Jonah, Morgan and Lawrence)

    1. Nov 1: Completed conversion of the remaining navigations.
  • LiveWhale Places

    We are working with WhiteWhale (maker of LiveWhale) to add geo-location to news, events, blurbs, images, etc. in LiveWhale. This will help us better convey our primary message that we are locally and globally engaged. (David, Morgan and WhiteWhale)

    1. 2 Aug: Launched LiveWhale Places
    2. 29 Jul: Completed final review of Places.
    3. 5 Jul: Check revised LiveWhale Places.
    4. 7 Jun: Delivered issues and corrections to WhiteWhale for inclusion into the final release.
    5. 1 Jun: Demo demonstrated to Morgan and David
  • LiveWhale Forms

    We have acquired and launched LiveWhale Forms, a new LiveWhale module that can help create and manage web forms. (Ben, Morgan and Lawrence)

    1. Dec 2: Get the remaining wufoo and legacy form-mail forms converted to LiveWhale Forms and insert all forms into pages.
    2. Prior Spring: Jonah converted many legacy forms to LiveWhale Forms.
  • Newsroom Redesign

    We need to rethink both our Newsroom template design and address the standard news page design across the site. This template was one of our first in the redesign, so it’s time to revisit it and add new features, particularly social media.

  • Calendar

    The events calendar is the public-facing calendar dedicated to events promotion. It automatically assembles and displays events entered into LiveWhale websites across all three campuses. (David)

    Several upgrades to the user interface need to take place to help with user understanding and training. (Milestone: none)

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