• “The Bates Center Sustainability Internship gave me experience working in the energy field, and I gained skills that have helped me be more competitive now that I’m a graduate.”
    Elijah Black BA ’23
    San Francisco and Pacifica, California
    Economics alumnus Elijah started the Tiny House Club. His ultimate goal is to build a 16-foot tiny house to donate to a local nonprofit all while learning about alternative, more sustainable dwellings and lifestyles.
    More about Elijah
  • “Feeling like I am contributing to something that is important regarding sustainability is really rewarding and gratifying.”
    Elsa Horsted BA ’25
    Roseville, Minnesota
    Elsa, a sociology and anthropology major, led last year’s sustainability-focused New Student Trip in the Columbia River Gorge.
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  • “Lewis & Clark is a great place to learn about how your skills and interests can be used to make a difference in the world.”
    Lena Essak BA ’24
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Lena, an economics major, spends her time as the energy efficiency intern through L&C’s Office of Sustainabilty. Part of her role is to work with the Energy Trust of Oregon to improve systems on campus.
    More about Lena
  • “I feel admiration and hope knowing that L&C is actively working toward reducing its impact on the planet and fostering a culture of sustainability.”
    Kiara Gonzalez BA ’27
    Moca, Puerto Rico
    Biology major Kiara appreciates that students are offered resources and support to conduct research and promote sustainable practices on campus.
    More about Kiara
  • “Sustainability at L&C is a mix of institutional measures and individual projects led by passionate faculty and students.”
    Beau Staun-List BA ’25
    Topanga, California
    Environmental studies major Beau engages with sustainability through SEED Club, Garden Club, and Bates Center Summer Internship class.
    More about Beau
  • <a href="/live/image/gid/677/width/650/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.jpg" class="lw_preview_image"> <picture class="lw_image lw_image103234"> <source type="image/jpeg" media="(max-width: 500px)" srcset="/live/image/gid/677/width/500/height/500/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg 1x, /live/image/scale/2x/gid/677/width/500/height/500/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg 2x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" media="(min-width: 501px)" srcset="/live/image/gid/677/width/550/height/550/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg 1x, /live/image/scale/2x/gid/677/width/550/height/550/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg 2x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/677/width/550/height/550/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg" alt="Students engaging with a bee hive while wearing bee-protection suits." width="550" height="550" srcset="/live/image/scale/2x/gid/677/width/550/height/550/crop/1/103234_DSC03762_introcrop.rev.1711674252.jpg 2x" data-max-w="1100" data-max-h="1100" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </a> <figcaption class="homepage-intro_image_caption">Our Bee Garden is just one of the ways our students are able to appreciate the natural world around them.<br/>Credit: Suhail Akram BA ’24</figcaption>

It’s Greener Here

Our campus is as green as it gets. Sure, there are trees and moss galore, but our deepest green is our commitment to sustainability in all its forms. Our environmental studies major and Earth system science minor put issues such as climate change and conservation at the forefront of your academic studies, and both our graduate school and law school offer ways to continue environmentally focused academic pursuits. We’ve got clubs, internships, and a symposium that highlights sustainability. We have beehives! And we’ve put our money where our mouth is through an institutional net zero investment policy that has us on track to reduce our carbon footprint by 100 percent by 2040. Join us as we make our campus—and our world—a better place.

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  • 100%

    100 percent of the institution’s electricity is sourced from renewable energy.

  • Green

    Our commitment to sustainability has earned us a spot in the top 50 on Princeton Review’s 2024 “Green Colleges” list.

  • Top

    Lewis & Clark has one of the nation’s top-ranked Environmental Law programs.

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