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Teaching in Translation

by Romel Hernandez
A growing number of educators face the challenge of teaching students whose first language is not English. How do they cope with the realities of today’s mixed-language classrooms?

A Diabetes Advocate Has Her Day

On November 14, 2007, the United Nations will observe the first annual U.N. World Diabetes Day, as established last year by U.N. Resolution A/61/225. People living with diabetes all over the world have Clare Rosenfeld CAS ’08 to thank for that.

The Return of the Salmon to Tryon Creek

Deep in southwest Portland, in a stream that borders Lewis & Clark Law School, the salmon are awake.

Illuminating Memory

A biochemistry-biophysics collaboration produces insights into the formation of long-term memory.

Living The HybridLife

The embodiment of the Keen Footwear ethos is its president, Kirk Richardson BS ’75.  A 27-year Nike veteran, Richardson landed the top spot at Keen in 2006.

President's Letter

Orange-and-Black as the New Green

You see them everywhere you go in Germany, the yellow bags and the green dots. But they don’t litter the landscape. They help sustain it.


Made of the Right Material

Andrew Dittmore BA ‘04 was recently awarded a prestigious National Defense and Science Engineering Graduate Fellowship, which rewards individuals with demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced science and engineering. He’s the first Lewis & Clark graduate to receive this honor, and one of 200 winners selected from 3,400 applicants.

Investing in Paradise

In the wee hours of the morning in Hawaii, 11-year-old Gwen Pacarro BA ‘76 rolled out of bed to deliver newspapers with her brother. At age 14, she ventured into babysitting, and the following year she was part of the team that opened the first Farrell’s ice cream parlor franchise in Honolulu.

Sustaining Nature

“I remember when spiny lobsters were as thick as fleas on a dog,” says Kat West JD ‘97, who grew up in the Florida Keys. “It was hard to throw a rock in the water without hitting one.” But over the years, she watched the lobster population dwindle significantly. Later, during two years of extensive travel after graduating from the University of Florida, West discovered similar widespread habitat degradation and made a commitment to help reverse that trend.