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Building Equity in Oregon’s Classrooms

Lewis & Clark graduate school faculty, students, and alumni—particularly those associated with the Doctor of Education in Leadership program—are playing key roles in envisioning greater equity in Oregon’s schools.

Legal Education Goes Global

Legal Education Goes Global

Living Science

Lewis & Clark’s cognitive research comes to life at OMSI.

Bike Paths

Lewis & Clark alumni pursue diverse careers in America’s best city for bicycling.

Holmes Sweet Home

Lewis & Clark opens its newest residence hall for upper-division students.

Taking Flight Over Africa

Rebecca Moran BA ’99 finds adventure as a pilot in Tanzania.

President's Letter

The Liberal Arts Edge

“When you get out into the workforce, you have to have flexibility. What I learned at Lewis & Clark really gave me a leg up,” Ho‘onani Andermann BA ’07 said during our Reunion Weekend in June. She’s a clinical analyst and product informatics specialist at TeamPraxis, a provider of healthcare IT solutions in Honolulu.


In Tune With Early Music

Under the stone arches of Sant’Eufemia, a 12th-century church in Spoleto, Italy, Grant Herreid took up his lute. His fingers moved deftly across the strings, plucking a melody line that may have been familiar to the church’s first parishioners.

Cartoonist Wins Pulitzer Prize

Matt Wuerker BA ’79 won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in recognition of “his consistently fresh, funny cartoons, especially memorable for lampooning the partisan conflict that engulfs Washington.”

The Science of Stellar Teaching

While a student at St. Mary’s Academy, a high school for girls in Portland, Maureen Daschel used to sit with rapt attention as Sister Rosemary Ann Parker loaded filmstrips into the projector. Barely able to contain her enthusiasm, Daschel concentrated on images of what was then cutting-edge science, cast on a pull-down screen.