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  • Michael Ford and Vern Jones, two pillars of the Lewis & Clark community, retire.

  • Lewis & Clark students apply their classics training to an archaeological dig in central Italy.
  • The graduate school celebrates 30 years of preparing teachers and counselors for lives of service.

  • Lewis & Clark law students experience firsthand the implications of wildlife and cruelty laws in Kenya.

President's Letter

  • I am delighted to welcome my wife, Betsy Amster, as a guest columnist for this issue. Betsy spoke to the class of 1964 during Alumni Weekend, and I thought a selection of her observations from that day would be a fitting way to mark the new academic year. — Barry Glassner


  • Mollie Dickson M.A.T. ’09 remembers relaxing at the kitchen table in her childhood home, talking with her father as he cooked tasty and nutritious meals for their family.

Alumni Books

  • Kelemen The Confident Retirement Journey: Your Personal & Financial Road Map

    Ron Kelemen BS ’73, who has more than 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor, offers “a financial road map of practical action steps you can take to become confident about a secure and fulfilling second half of your life.”

    Confident Vision Press, 2013. 144 pages.

  • Runckel Assignment Vietnam: Coming Full Circle As a Soldier, Diplomat, and Businessman

    Chris Runckel JD ’74, who experienced the Vietnam War and its aftermath, describes how he built bridges and worked with U.S. and Vietnamese diplomats, businessmen, and others to build a new path for both countries.

    Self-published, 2013. 189 pages.


  • Boyer Mending the Net: A Guide to Healing Self and Family

    Katherine Boyer M.A. ’90 offers a guide for healing old wounds and transmuting the negative into the positive. “Even if you grew up in a dysfunctional family, you can create a healthy family.”

    Blue Jay Press, 2014. 162 pages.

  • Howitt Heed Your Call: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality, and Business

    David Howitt JD ’94 shares his own story, along with those of other modern-day entrepreneurs, to illuminate simple principles that will help us “weave business into our spiritual narratives and pour our souls into our professions.”

    Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2014. 224 pages.

  • Clark San Juan Island Stories

    Wendy Lynn Clark BA ’01 offers an anthology of five previously published stories, including bonus introductions, that focus on five women who “rediscover their breath-taking first loves” in the lush San Juan Islands.

    Self-published, 2014. 194 pages.

  • Running Medicine Wheel

    Kelly Running BS ’79 writes a mystery in the Lizzy O’Malley series. In this volume, a murder interrupts Lizzy’s work as a stage manager for her brother’s Shakespeare company. Her efforts to clear his name lead to an odyssey of Navajo visions, sweat lodges, medicine wheels, and mysticism.

    Publish Your Words, 2013. 200 pages.

  • Boire Self-Defense for Seniors

    Ken Boire M.P.A. ’79 presents a self-defense strategy developed specifically for seniors. Even though physical abilities tend to decay with age, Boire says any senior can make up for these deficits with his techniques.

    Outskirts Press, 2014. 236 pages.

  • Webster September

    Rachel Webster BA ’97 assembles a debut collection of pastoral poems that address personal physical change in the seasons of life, including childhood, love, motherhood, and death.

    Triquarterly, 2013. 104 pages.

  • Lundgren The Facades

    Eric Lundgren BA ’00 pens an existential mystery about a disconsolate legal clerk’s search for his missing opera star wife. The book was named a finalist for the 2014 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing, and it was selected as a Publishers Weekly Best Fiction Book of 2013.

    Overlook, 2013. 224 pages.

  • Schultz Torment Saint: The Life of Elliott Smith

    William Todd Schultz BS ’85 writes a biography of the enigmatic Elliott Smith, one of the most gifted songwriters of the 1990s, who died violently in 2003 under what some believe to be questionable circumstances.

    Bloomsbury U.S.A., 2013. 368 pages.

  • Van Landingham Antidote

    Corey Van Landingham BA ’08, a Wallace Stegner Poetry Fellow at Stanford, offers a collection of poetry in which “the uncanny coexists with the personal, so that each poem undergoes making and unmaking, is birthed and bound in an acute strangeness.” The book won the Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry.

    Ohio State University Press, 2013. 63 pages.

  • McKinney Fireproofing the Woods

    Kathryn McKinney BA ’75, a former Outdoor School and 5th/6th–grade teacher, pens a collection of poems that “chronicle a lifetime spent in the company of and in communion with nature.”

    Dancing Moon Press, 2013. 74 pages.


  • A dictionary will tell you it’s a concise statement of a principle or general truth. William Stafford, lauded poet and longtime Lewis & Clark professor, crafted thousands of them during his 50 years of daily writing. He called an aphorism the kind of statement that “delivers groceries.”

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