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  • L&C bids a fond farewell to Vice President and Provost Jane Atkinson.
  • Former Nike communications director Lee Weinstein BA ’81 thinks everyone should have an Intentional Life Plan.
  • Professor Ozan Varol asks law students to find ways to strengthen U.S. democracy by first undermining it.

President's Letter

  • With a nod to Bob Dylan, when it comes to free speech issues and protests on college campuses these days, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: in every direction, and at gale force.


  • International Fair 2018: Music, dance, food, and fun greeted attendees of the 53rd annual International Fair. Presented by the International Students of Lewis & Clark, the event is designed to celebrate the many cultures and nationalities represented at the college. This year’s fair, titled Beyond the Wall: Breaking Down Cultural Stereotypes, offered expanded programming, including documentary film screenings and a world language poetry night. See the full gallery. (Nina Johnson)


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