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  • Katie Walter B.A. ’09 makes a positive difference for others by starting a women’s artisan collective.
  • By Abby Haight
    Many clients in treatment for mental health issues are also battling addiction. Are their counselors prepared to help?
  • Lewis & Clark’s newest public sculpture honors a neglected member of the Corps of Discovery.  
  • Professor Daena Goldsmith B.S. ’86 (right) studies communication in couples dealing with a chronic health condition such as heart disease, cancer, or HIV.

President's Letter

  • To slightly rephrase an old expression, “Good things come to good colleges.” Lewis & Clark has enjoyed two fortunate developments during the past year.


  • By Pattie Pace
    Amber Case B.A. ‘08 believes the next wave of technology will allow humans to intuitively interact.


  • As a black woman, I am moved beyond language to be here when we honor those without names or status, people who made a difference in large and small ways.

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