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New Faculty Faces

Lewis & Clark’s newest crop of undergraduate faculty hail from some of the top doctoral programs in the nation and represent a rich variety of disciplines.

Literary Oregon Literary Lewis & Clark

The Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission has selected 100 books that best define the state and its people. Authors with ties to Lewis & Clark College are well represented on the list.

Four Doctors, One Remarkable Family

Four brothers, all graduates of Lewis & Clark, make their mark in medicine. Two focus on the health of the mind, and two pursue treatments for infectious diseases in developing countries.

Unearthing Cell Mysteries

Microscopic worms teach Lewis & Clark students about big questions in cell biology.

Questioning War as the Way to Peace

Paul Barker ’71, MAT. ’81 has worked with CARE International for 22 years, leading humanitarian relief and development efforts in Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

Alumni News

Alumni Weekend Nets Record Turnout

Roughly 600 alumni–a dramatic increase over last year’s number–attended Alumni Weekend, October 14 to 16. Organizers attribute the rise to the hard work of volunteer committees, who e-mailed and phoned classmates throughout the summer and early fall.


Elementary School Counselor of the Year

The Oregon School Counselor Association named Nancy Ferguson M.Ed. ’02 one of two Elementary School Counselors of the Year for 2004-05.

Acting Out in New York

A rising young actor, Chris Stack ‘97 recently auditioned with director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio for a role in The Departed, a movie due in theatres later this year.

Lyric Wordsmith

Averill Curdy’s imagination is in constant motion, filtering images and ideas that might lead to a poem.

Aging Gracefully in Paint

As an artist, Becca Bernstein ‘00 draws inspiration from the mystery and wisdom she sees in the faces of elderly women.

Turning On Youth to Democracy

“In my heart of hearts, I always wanted to work with kids, to engage them and empower them to succeed,” says Barbara Rost, program director for the Classroom Law Project.

Reunion ‘Cooks’ With Books

Twelve alumni from Lewis & Clark’s Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity, along with family and friends, traveled to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific for a reunion in July 2005. The celebration was the third reunion for the fraternity brothers, who have met every five years since 1995.